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  1. Makdaddy

    Zeo sand issue or algae?

    So pool has 4 + seasons on Zeobest and no issues Pump on high goes out So I decided to install new pump and change the zeobest Open pool Clear no issues just like every opening for the past 4 or 5 years Clean out old zeobest Fill tank (300lb filter) half way up with water, add new zeosand (I...
  2. Makdaddy

    Filter hose not fitting new pump

    So I was running an old Cristal Flo II Sand Filter Tank with 2HP, 2-Speed Pump Pump only runs on low so I ordered a Hayward SP15932S Docs from both the Cristal and the Hayward say 1 1/2 connectors But the new Hayward pumps connector to the filter is to big? the collar ring wont screw on. Out...
  3. Makdaddy

    Need pump advice

    SO did a lot of reading But not sure what direction to go Specs are in sig Filter is a 300lb filter with 150 lbs of zeobest My 2HP 2 Speed Dynamo pump quit working on high last year Im looking at these 2 pumps 1Hp Hayward SP15922S or the 1.5 Hp Hayward SP15932S Or any other suggestions...
  4. Makdaddy

    Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669

    My Old Saltron retro died My wife wants to keep the SWG. So this claims to go up to 15000 Gallons Im a little leary Looking for a good replacement system. maybe this will get me thru the rest of this season. any advice is appreciated. Any real experience with this unit on a larger AGP? I see...
  5. Makdaddy

    Saltron Retro (JUNK)

    Just a heads up I ran one for 2 years with no issues This year I went to fire up the pool. Plugged the unit in. No power Checked the fuse, it was good Called Solaxx. Not much help , they said it was out of warranty and need to replace the control unit. $185 Well I got two of these units when I...
  6. Makdaddy

    can you fill the Chlorine bottle to 5 mil rather then 10

    So Im slamming I have high CYA 80 (SWG) I thought I read somewhere when its high Chlorine levels you can read at 5mil and double it, saving form using 10mil and more drops Or am I just going to eat up all of my chlorine test kit
  7. Makdaddy

    Zeo best out of return

    Well I thought I was fighting Algae all last year Brownish streaks all over the floor. I just opened the pool Sunday Sparkling clean and clear. Got the pool filled and ran the pump on high Monday nite This morning I see the streaks of brown are back ??? After one day could it be algae already...
  8. Makdaddy

    Auqua Bot robot for AGP ? Pros Cons

    So I dropped my wanda the whale on the deckduring the last cleaning before i winterized the pool. She hit the deck and broke the ring and a few wheels I know I can get replacemnent parts. But I am toying with the idea of going with a robot. mainly one of these Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50...
  9. Makdaddy

    Algae after one week

    So last Sunday the kids were in the pool and everything was fine clean and cool My FC today was 5 We took the solar cover off today (one week ) to find algae My CYA was down to 40. Not sure why the algae broke out at an FC of 5????? So my question I slammed to 16 with the CYA of 40 Should I...
  10. Makdaddy

    DO I have Mustard?

    Good day Last year at the end of the season I was fighting algae that looked like brown streaks . almost like dirt. Got it done and closed the pool Open the pool , Nice clear water and my levels Ph 6.8 FC 12 CYA 64 CC 1 OH OH So like 3 hours after the pool is open I see around the edges a...
  11. Makdaddy

    15 below now after first thaw leak

    So I went out to pump water off the cover I have a dribble from the return Now I left my pool full and used one of those expandable tubes for the skimmer But I just used a plug for the return Could it have frozen and cracked? Plus now I need to figure out a way to keep the water away from the...
  12. Makdaddy

    Diver Dan / AquaBug /Wanda

    Well the Wanda the whale worked good all summer I usually left her on for a few hours and the pool was always clean. I never went out and checked her , maybe once an hour Well I had an algae issue before we closed , so I was cleaning a lot. Know being a little paranoid I was always checking her...
  13. Makdaddy

    Wanda Works good but cloudy water

    So I am on my first full season with the pool The last several months my pool gets brown streaks on the floor??? I have a wanda the whale, and she cleans it up great in like 3 hours. also the water will get a little cloudy when she is done. 2 days later the pool is sparkling clean again but the...
  14. Makdaddy

    Upright rubbing finish of pool wall

    Well I noticed yesterday that the sides of the uprights appear to be rubbing a line (Vertical) into the finish on the pool outside walls Almost all of the uprights have done this I can only expect its from the walls flexing??? there is no groove its just rubbed the finish off, like a scuff So...
  15. Makdaddy

    Poly Quat 50 ???

    So I sent my wife God Bless her to the pool store to get some Poly Quat 60 She came home with Poly Quat 50 and it says Non-Chlorine it says its not compatible with CHLORINE or BROMINE ??
  16. Makdaddy

    Storm is over for a little while ( learned something)

    Well just like a baby I was up every three hours checking the level of the pool :) We got at least 3 plus inches last nite from the tropical storm and will get more all day today Learned a little something and thought I would pass it along I backwashed and rinsed my pool down to the lower...
  17. Makdaddy

    divot in floor of new AGP

    Well the pool is 2 weeks old Its been hot 90 to 100 everyday I added 1 1/2 in the pool over the weekend, seems normal for evap But tonight Im in the pool and I found a divot about the size of a softball, Or at least half of a softball I have not called the installer yet. Do I have a leak or is...
  18. Makdaddy

    New and No FC

    Ok Im learning as I go apparently the hard way AGP 24 Round 54 tall 15200 Gallon We filled the pool from the tap took a day I am using salt added 320 ponds of salt I am using a Saltron Retro I have green light for good salt level.set to run 20 hrs a day for now I ordered the TF-100 So the...
  19. Makdaddy

    Pull or not to pull wedding cake steps in the winter

    Good day First post here Very nice site lost of great info Lets get to it I just installed a 24 round with a Grand Entrance Step This thing is a monster, Do I need to pull it out fro the winter? Thanks