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    Automatic Solar Cover: under or above the deck

    Hello, I would know if someone experiences an under deck solar cover? I am replastering my pool and removed the copping. So I hesitate, the price is the same for the solar cover, under or above. The under deck one is very classy and clean (on the paper). But it will create a "hole" and I am...
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    Cancel a contract

    Good morning We contracted a pool company 3 months ago. They gave a price to re-done our pool (chip out, tiling and replastering). At this point we noticed a big crack between the pool and the deck, we advised them, told us it can be fixed with "epoxy injections" (include on the initial budget)...
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    Coverstar vs Coverpools

    Hello, I plan to have an automatic pool cover, 2 brands came Starcover and Coverpools, someone has an experience with these brands? I feel the price is about the same. Thank you.
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    Newbie saying "hi"

    Hello everyone, I am new on the forum, I heard a lot of good things about it, the reason why I am here. I excuse myself already for my sometimes broken English... I am a foreigner... We had a pool on everything worked fine, the pool never turn green (usually I take myself the cleaning part and...