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    Pool return, internal thread to external thread adapter

    Hello I want to buy a pool devil pro. Here is the link to the product im talking about: ... pool+devil I've owned one of these before and it worked great! I hardly ever had to vacuum because it picked everything up before it fell to the bottom. I...
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    installing a liner for friend. how much to charge?

    Hello. I have an In-law who just bought a new liner. she was gonna have a company come in and install it but heard that i knew how and said she would much rather pay me than someone else. i would do it for free but she wont let me. she wants to pay so im willing to accept that. only problem is i...
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    problems adding DE to sand filter

    hello! im in the process of clearing my pool. im about 6 inches away from seeing the bottom!!!! ive been adding DE to my filter to clear the pool faster. only problem is i cant add not a teaspoon more than 1/4 cup. if its just 1/4 cup the pool filters just fine if i add a little more the filter...
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    Backwash question.

    im in the process of turning my swamp into an oasis lol! im at the point now where my water is a bright cloudy blue. at first i was having to backwash every two hours. now nothing is left but the tiny clear particles clouding up my water. the past couple days my pressure has been rising very...
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    non stop plumes of sand shooting in pool. party tmmrw

    every time i turn the pump on giant plumes of sand shoot into the pool. what do i do. im gonna sifon the sand the sand from the bottom but what do i do about the filter.
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    new problem.

    when i started my pump today for the first time and it shot sand in the pool wich i heard was normal as long as it diddnt keep doing it. (it hasnt) i took all the basket out of the pump and intake and began to vacum the sand. now the pump wont run. im thinking the propellars clogged? ALSO how do...
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    how long does it take for an algae bloom to start.

    i just filled my pool up with completely fresh water. i cant add chlorine for two days. will it be safe from algae. were having real hot days and i don't have the pump running yet. (water level not high enough)
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    im filling my pool up. should i only fill it up......

    im filling my pool up. should i only fill it up halfway to let the liner stretch or can i just fill it all the way up. (Its J-Hook) NEW LINER this year
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    just installed liner. when do i put on the water intake?

    i just put in my new liner and im filling it up. there is 1 inch of water in the pool. when should i put on the water intake and the return (yes in know about the seals) THANKS!!!!!
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    3 screw are holding me back please help

    im installing a new liner and i have three screws that have held me back a day. if anyone has any tips or tricks to remove these suckers please let me know. THANKS A LOT TFP
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    Troubleshooting return leak for above ground pool

    im putting n a new liner. i have the two seals for the intake and i have the two seals for the return. last year i still had small leaks though. is there anything you can put on the seals to make the seal even stronger.
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    tell me if i am right or wrong

    i am installing a new liner this year. (j-hook). any good tips on that would be helpful!!!! when my pool is filled should i adjust the alk. first, PH second and chlorine third? are there any other chemical i should add at the beginning as well sorry guys. i got a lil rusty over the past winter.
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    what does High/Low Ph do to your skin?

    just curious to know if a high or low ph will have any effect on our skin...
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    anyone having a pool party for the 4th of July?

    this year were staying at home on the 4th (on a sunday)... were going to have a bunch of people come including family comming into town and were going to have a pool party. Grill out a bunch of food. Some steaks and hamburgers. Prolly a hotdog or 2!!! its supposed to be around 92 degrees and no...
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    im just curious to see if anyone else has this kind of problem. i have an AG pool with a half wrapped deck. sometimes when i go out by the pool i get surrounded by every type of stinging insect you can think of. wasps bees and these giant hornets. i feel like im the local hangout for these...
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    removing metal sequesturant from fabric.

    i was on my way home with some metal sequesturant and a palm sized spot leaked out onto my seat. i diddnt think nothing of it so i did my thing and came back to the car to clean it of but it already dried and hardened up on the seat. its a brand new car and im hoping there is a way to get it...
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    has anyone bought a pool liner online?

    Im going to buy a new Liner (j-hook AG) this fall. i was looking online and there are some good deals online. i was wanting to know if these deals were to good to be true or if it was Ligit. The one that caught my eye was a Liner that had fish and coral all over the sides it looked pretty...
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    very frustrated. water is now green?

    im soo mad. first of all its my parents pool. (i live with them)... our pool has been clear all year but there has been a nasty iron stain on the botttom. i took care of the stain with stain free and metal free (plus polyquat 60). its been exactly one week since i did the treatment. ive been...
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    does rain cause water cloudiness.

    i started a stain treatment last sunday and everything was going good; i put in the polyquat 60 last sunday as well. i woke up last night to a bad rain storm. i just went to the pool (i was going to vacume it) and the water is a very blue cloudy color. i can barely see the bottom but it is...
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    FC keeps dropping to 0

    my pool chemical levels are FC 0 CC 0 Alk 85 Ph 7.4 Cya 60 i did a stain treatment on my pool last sunday.. everythings going good besides the chlor. ive been using pool calculator all week to raise my Chlor. 1ppm at a time. when i add the chlor. i will wait 1-2 hours and test agian and it...
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    how to raise Alkalinity without raising Ph

    I just did a stain treament (for iron) on sunday and the stains are gone. i went and got my water tested today and my chemicals are: Fc 0 Cc 0.20 Ph 7.4 Alk 63 i heard if you raise your Ph then the stains will start to apear again. how can i raise my alk. without raising my Ph.... will baking...
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    abso. acid treatment didnt change chemicals. is this normal?

    i treated my pool today to remove iron stains. I used Natural Chemistry products. Stain Free and Metal Free. i did the treatment early this morning and have tested the water several times since. my chemical levels are: FC-0 TC-0 Alk.-90 Ph-7.2 CH-75 since ive added the stain chemical this is...
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    sandfilter preasure at max. what to do?

    i was looking at my sandfilter and on the top it, it said "max psi 50".. when i started my pool this year, everything running good, the pressure gage reads 45 psi. when the sandfilter needs to be backwashed it gets to around 53psi. should i worry about my filter exploding, or is this a normal...
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    i will be doing the absorbic acid treatment

    im waiting for my chlorine to get down to 0. (at 1.5 right now) and i will be doing the absorbic acid treatment. i have a question as well. right now my PH is at 7.0... (AlK normal). is this an ok ph to do the treatment. im using natural chemistry products. Stain-Free and Metal-Free. the...