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  1. Barbara C

    Cloudy and confused

    I've been using the BBB method for two years and have been very happy. I feel as if I understand the process, perhaps I don't! Our pool is a green mess right now. I added 13 oz.CYA over the weekend to start bringing that level up from what I thought was around 19 (pool store reading using...
  2. Barbara C

    replacing pin on vari-flo valve

    We're replacing the spider gasket and plunger on our vari-flo and can't seem to get the pin back into the handle. Any suggestions?
  3. Barbara C

    Hi! My name is Barbara C and I've been pool stored.

    I suppose I'm not really new around here but newer than most. We started our 24' ag on baquacil because it would be easier than messing with anything else. For three years it was easier. Then last year everything went south on us. We couldn't hold sanitizer or oxidizer but I kept pouring...
  4. Barbara C

    Solar Saddles

    I broke down and finally bought the solar saddles for our cover. It was the best buy I've made for a long time. I can get the cover off of our 24' round pool without any problems by myself and get it back on. They were easy to install according to my husband. Ours was missing an end cap and...
  5. Barbara C

    Toe cramps

    Does anyone else have a problem with their toes or feet cramping when they've been in the pool for a little while? Maybe after 30 to 45 minutes, I start having problems. Sometimes I can get it to calm down but on occasion have had to get out of the pool to get my feet on solid ground. Anyone...
  6. Barbara C

    Ummm test? ... 1278119643
  7. Barbara C

    CYA and chlorine

    Hi! I've been going over the pool school again as far as keeping the chlorine up and your CYA. I'm a week into keeping my levels up after converting from Baquacil. Everything is looking good but I'd like to make sure I'm doing this correctly. I test in the evenings and plug that FC number...
  8. Barbara C

    Eyeball positioning

    So this is probably a no brainer but I need to ask any way. I have one return outlet in our 24" round pool. Is there a best way to have it positioned? I needed to move it and I'm not sure if I can get it back to exactly where it had been placed. Debris would round up in the middle making it...
  9. Barbara C

    Solar Saddles

    I've heard so many people talk about having problems with solar cover reels that I'm looking at getting solar saddles that hang on the side of the pool. Does anyone have them? I don't want to spend the money and then find out it doesn't work well. We've been rolling our cover and then putting...
  10. Barbara C

    no longer contemplating

    So I started shocking the pool yesterday. I can't seem to find anywhere if I'm supposed to pour the bleach around the pool or into the skimmer. I've done both. When I poured it into the skimmer, the return hose started moving around and things didn't seem happy even when I poured slowly...
  11. Barbara C

    Help with Baq conversion

    Started my Baq conversion today. I put in 420 oz. of 6% bleach to get my FC to 15. 1 1/2 hour later my FAS/DPD test showed..... 1. after 10ml of pool water and one heaping scoop of powder sample didn't turn pink but possibly the slightest hint of pink 2. as I continued to add drops the sample...
  12. Barbara C

    Using test kit

    New to using a test kit. I don't have my good kit yet but I'm practicing with a 3-way OTO kit from walmart. This may sound silly but what's the best way to fill the cells? I seem to get too much or not enough water in them. Does it have to be dead on?? Thanks, Barabara
  13. Barbara C

    Contemplating the switch

    Hi! I feel as if I know everyone here even though this is my first post and I'm a new member. I've been lurking for a bit. Observing as some would say! On to our dilemma. We started having problems with our Baq holding last year and it went down hill from there. We switched to chlorine...