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    looks amazing! One question though - why is it necessary to shield pool equipment from the sun?
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    How to read end of FC test

    I've always been confused as to when the FC test is considered complete. Many times the pink will be completely gone, then I'll add an extra drop and realize that the water was a bit cloudy because it goes from slightly cloudy to crystal clear. Is crystal clear or no pink left but slightly...
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    Pump speed affect FC generation?

    I have a 2 speed pump and I'm wondering if my salt cell produces the same overall amount of FC in either slow or fast speed. I figure with fast speed there is more water moving through the cell, but its probably not producing as much FC during that time. (I'm running 2 hours in fast speed and...
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    Where do you dump skimmer contents?

    Great idea!! Maybe even put some screening material at the bottom to keep small particles from escaping. I just can't let it get too full where it would start to compost and smell.
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    Where do you dump skimmer contents?

    Hair nets are a great idea. Doesn't help much with pole skimming during pollen/tree shedding season though. Splashpad, love that 7 gallon step on with lid lock. I'm going to check that one out!
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    Where do you dump skimmer contents?

    yeah, the metal trash cans just don't look as nice. We are on a cul-de-sac, so our backyard is not very deep but very wide and more of a pain to get to the garbage cans. Almost forgot about the pole skimmer also that we need to dump.
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    Where do you dump skimmer contents?

    I'm curious to know where everyone dumps their skimmer contents. With an inground pool, just dumping in the grass/flower beds could result in it getting blown right back in. I have a 13 gallon kitchen garbage can that I use, but when it rains the can collects water becoming smelly and heavy...
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    Why CYA of 60ppm "Not Recommended" for SWG pools?

    Thanks Jim! So last year was my first full year with a pool and there were a few times my FC dropped to min levels (getting a feel for salt cell %). I want to maintain higher FC just like you said - so if I miss testing here or there, have full sun for 2 weeks, etc, that I don't drop low out...
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    Why CYA of 60ppm "Not Recommended" for SWG pools?

    ok, great! So its an efficiency issue. I'd rather work my SWG a little harder than go over 90 ppm again (had to SLAM twice last year and that might be the cause - I'm also now keeping FC above target level)
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    Why CYA of 60ppm "Not Recommended" for SWG pools?

    oh yes, I understand that. Just wondering if there was a health / equipment damage issue with those levels. Plus, I've overshoot a couple of CYA adds last year trying to stay high in band and now prefer to let it drop low out of band than go too high.
  11. goody222

    Why CYA of 60ppm "Not Recommended" for SWG pools?

    On the Chlorine / CYA chart for salt water pools, a CYA of 60 is not recommended. The last couple of weeks my FC has been 8ppm with CYA 60 (had to order more CYA). Adding stabilizer today, but just curious why this is not recommended as long as I'm maintaining FC well over the minimum. Thanks!
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    Keeping pool open in Raleigh, NC

    hey Paddle, Nice looking pool. I'm in Southern VA and leaving ours open for the winter after our first full year of use. I follow a similar chemistry - I test pH and FC once a week and the others once a month. They change very very little with pool temps in the 40s. There are a LOT of trees...
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    Measuring Pee in the Pool (Video)

    Video about measuring pee in the pool that I just found. Also, interesting experiment starting at the 4:30 mark How to measure HOW MUCH PEE IS IN YOUR POOL - YouTube
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    Turn off system in Winter?

    I recently contacted Hayward about my T15 cell and they told me it operates at 20% efficiency between 50-60F and stops at 50F and below. I'll see how accurate that is this winter.
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    FC level band at 10ppm - How measure pH?

    OK, I'll try that. If I have to SLAM next year, I'm going to do my own test as I add Bleach. Thanks.
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    FC level band at 10ppm - How measure pH?

    Thanks, I guess I'll try a little experiment at 11 and below 10 just to see. Interesting also to see what happens to CYA, last year it was zero come spring time. Very little draining last winter also. Thanks!
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    FC level band at 10ppm - How measure pH?

    So I'm keeping the pool open for the winter and my CYA is currently 80ppm (going to let it drift down of course). With the salt cell off for the winter I'm supposed to follow the "Non-SWCG" FC/CYA bands with a target of 9-11ppm for CYA=80. My FC is currently 11.0. I've read that pH is not...
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    Winterize Waterfall for Pool Not being closed?

    2nd year with the pool. Was finished last September. The pump doesn't run too often - I'm in Chesapeake and typical highs=50F and low=34F in January. I think I'm going to play it safe and cover the waterfall (can't reach into it).
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    Keeping pool open in Raleigh, NC

    Hi Marty - I can understand taking a robot out of the pool, but how about a Polaris 280 cleaner (pool open all winter, auto freeze protect). The manual just says to remove prior to winterizing the pool, nothing about a lower temp limit. I'll contact them just to make sure. Thanks!! Karl -...
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    Winterize Waterfall for Pool Not being closed?

    I have an inground pool that will remain open all winter. My Hayward Aqua Plus system has automatic freeze protection. I blew out my waterfall line with a shop vac, then isolated it. During a recent rain I'm realizing that rainwater can collect at the top of the waterfall basin and drain...
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    To close or not to close?

    Buy a leaf net off Amazon. We use it from late Oct through early Dec here in Virginia. Super easy (and lightweight) to put on and take off
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    How often brush pool?

    I've been reading previous posts about preventing algae and I've seen that many people recommend brushing the pool walls on a regular basis. How often do you all brush (I'm doing a SLAM 3 weeks after a previous SLAM and want to ensure that I'm doing everything correctly). Is once a week...
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    Why turn off SWG during SLAM?

    I agree. I recently did a 1 week SLAM that used just over 30 bottles of 6% bleach. I feel like leaving the salt cell on would have helped quite a bit - maybe save 1 or 2 bottles a day. I mean, the normal setting doesn't raise FC - just maintains it so I don't see the downside. And like others...
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    SLAM and pool cleaner

    Getting ready to SLAM my pool. I understand the importance of scrubbing/vacuuming the entire pool, getting every nook and cranny. I normally leave my cleaner in the pool unless anyone is swimming in it. After discovering the algae, I took the cleaner out - it doesn't have any viable algae on...
  25. goody222

    Cloudy, greenish tiny... please help

    let us know how it goes! I'm dealing with the exact same issue. Its frustrating since I am totally on top of my chemistry. OCLT=0, CYA=70, FC 7.0, CC 0.0.
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    Report on Salt Water Testing

    So test results for salt has always bothered me. I posted this issue before and I understand that the different methods have a large +/- range, and to just make sure that I go by what my Hayward Aqua Plus says (which I do). So I found a 3000ppm salt solution on Amazon and figured I'd post the...
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    Typical, average FC demand during summer months?

    wait.... for the overnight test, why do levels have to be raised to 10ppm (official TFP OCLT page says 3ppm)? I recently did one because there appeared to be either algae or dirt in one area and levels went from 6.5 to 6.0 overnight.
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    Air Gap in Pump Filter with Solar Panels

    Trying to read the pump curve for a SP3210X152 pump - the following only gives the "Low Speed" specs. Any idea how to figure out the High speed for that pump? and yes, I was told...
  29. goody222

    Air Gap in Pump Filter with Solar Panels

    just spoke to the company! The supply on the right side goes ALL the way down to the left side, U-turns, THEN supplies the panels. Also, I count several shingles higher on the left side, meaning it is tilted correctly. Also the design is such that the panels will depressurize, not drain...