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    Spa Air Blower turns off after 5 Minutes

    Hi all, First time poster. I have a 2 HP air blower with overflow spa to pool. I replaced single speed 2HP pool pump with VSP 1.5 HP. It keeps turning off after about 5 minutes. There must be back pressure as I can run it off the pipe for at least 25 minutes. My jets are about 5/8 eyeball...
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    Spa Air Blower Only Runs For a Few Minutes Before Shutting Off - Any Ideas?

    I have a 2 HP spa air blower that keeps turning off after a few minutes. While it is running the bubbles and airflow are great in the spa. I recently replaced my single speed 2 HP pool pump with a 1.5 HP variable pump. The THP are equal; however, I do see there is less flow at top speed. On...