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  1. J

    Calcium Chloride - How Much Can I Add

    As per the title, how much calcium chloride can one add at to a pool without causing problems?
  2. J

    Pool Measuring Caps/Cups

    I was wondering, do anyone have a source for the old combination measuring cup/bottle caps, like the ones HTH used use for their chemicals? Outside of the 5 lb Refresh chlorine bottles (see below), I don't know of anyone else that still uses them. The reason I ask is that I had several of them...
  3. J

    Valves Open?

    Sorry, for the constant questions (I get confused easily), but was just curious by what everyone means by "turning the valves open." As before, earlier in the fall, I drained both the pump and filter, and assumed that was all I needed to do. However, I have seen some asking if I have opened up...
  4. J

    Antifreeze in Skimmer

    Any tips for us crazy Texans? Do we just put an full, unopened jug of RV Antifreeze in the skimmer basket, or do we partially empty it to give to give it more crushability?
  5. J

    Single Digits In Central Texas Next Week

    Going to get down in the single digits here in Central Texas next week and I'm concerned. We've had extended periods in the 20's (even upper teens) before with no problems (even without draining the equipment on the pad), but I'm concerned now. Earlier in the fall, I drained the filter and...
  6. J

    Adding too much CH Increaser to a pool at one time

    I recently did a major water refresh on my pool, and as our water has zero calcium in it, I wanted to get it up the CH levels back up as quickly as possible, so I proceeded to add a 15 lb tub of calcium chloride to it. Since doing that, however, I have read that one should not add more than 10...
  7. J

    Damage due to too much Muriatic Acid?

    Had a major kerfuffle this morning, when a family member, mistaking a gallon of Muriatic Acid for a gallon of Chlorine, added the entirety of the former to our pool. I walked out about fifteen or so minutes after it occurred, and wandered why an empty bottle of Muriatic Acid was sitting on the...
  8. J

    DE on pool surface

    Have a large of amount of what appears to be DE, not only in the bottom of the pool, but floating on the surface as well. In fact, when you stick your hand in the pool you immediately encounter a gritty feel as if you stuck your hand into a box of sand (my first thought was that a part of the...
  9. J

    Calcium Chloride Issue

    My apologies, but as usual, a dumb question for members of the forum. I was adding some Calcium Chloride to our pool today, and was worried that I may have gotten some up of it sucked into the skimmer before it was fully dissolved/dissipated. I was using the method of pouring it into an old...
  10. J

    Outdoor Bleach

    Was in a hurry this morning, and not thinking, grabbed the wrong bottle and poured about 36 ounces of outdoor bleach in my 10,000 gallon pool:mad: I was wondering, besides the hassle of having everything foam up, is there else in there that would prohibit anyone from swimming? And if so, for...
  11. J

    Unable to remove motor from Hayward Northstar

    I've been having issues with a suction side air leak with my Northstar SP4007X, and it was suggested that I check the impeller to see if it was clogged or the seals need replacing. I dutifully checked the various videos and guides on how to do this, and it looked easy enough, even for someone as...
  12. J

    SLAM levels dangerous to wildlife?

    I need to slam our pool to get rid of some stubborn algae, but was worried about the effects of high levels of chlorine on the local wildlife. We have a number of squirrels, possums and other critters which regularly drop by in the 100 degree heat to take a drink, and I was worried about any...