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    Blisters in fiberglass steps - vinyl liner pool

    Home - Pool Step Specialists They sell a DIY kit, you basically grind out then fill all the blisters, then paint with a two part paint, epoxy type stuff. I did mine four years ago when I was doing the liner change. It still looks good.
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    What kind of paint to use for metal trim edge coping?

    I spray painted mine with white rustoleum 4 years ago when I replaced the liner. Prepped with TSP and a scotch brite. Holding up just fine.
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    Question regarding floating chlorine dispensers

    I use this one. : AquaAce Floating Spa/Hot Tub Dispenser for Bromine or Chlorine Tablets | Premium Adjustable Chemical Floater | 13 Settings for Maximum Flow Control : Garden Outdoor
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    No Dig Pipe repair, Does it work?

    Do you have more than one skimmer? If so try with the leaking one plugged off, it may work fine.
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    Pool Slide Refurbish Help Needed

    I repainted a used one I picked up just about like ihis one. Bought a quart of white boat paint from the local marina. Bondao on the worst places, sanded then brushed it on. It leveled out looked pretty good. Plenty slick enough with the water on. After a few years it got a little chalkly and...
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    Anybody tried the blue devil CYA test kit

    You fill it half and half, pool water and solution then slide the dot up and down the tube. Perfect for those of us who cant make a dicision. I had one a while back then lost it. ..
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    Abandoned Pool - Suggestions Please

    For equipment what about a pair of sand filters in parallel. Two 30 inch Hayward or Pentairs. CircuPool RJ60 for an SWG, then supplement with liquid chlorine as needed.
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    Any recommendations on concrete deck paint?

    I used Inslux Sure-Step.
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    modern deck storage

    Also, I store my Dolphin Nautilus in my bench.
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    modern deck storage

    I use a storage bench purchased from Sam's Club. Keter 60 Gallon All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Bench - Sams Club
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    Replacing Diving board anchor bolts - Are SS wedge bolts a good option?

    When i saw the $ for the kit, I ordered the simpson epoxy on line and got the ss bolts, nuts, and washers local . Cut the old studs off(not ss) with a grinder ,hammer drilled new holes a couple of inches back and epoxied the new studs in place. Did this a little over a year ago . So far no...
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    Vinyl lined pool stairs

    I did mine when the liner was being replaced so the pool was empty .
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    Vinyl lined pool stairs

    I refinished mine with a kit from poolstepspecialits , they shipped it from Canada. It is some sort of epoxy gel coat , a little pricey but did the job . I did it one year ago and so far so good .
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    Fiberglass Step Crack

    Google pool step specialists , they sell diy kits . I just refinished mine with one of there kits . They were blistered but not cracked .