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    Pool heater

    Building a house in Venice Florida and will be adding a pool in the near future. Will it need a heater and if it does, gas or electric? I have the option to add pre pool wiring and gas connection during construction but will I ever use it?
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    New Century Pump Motor - Has Power - Won't Start

    Your measuring correctly but your circuit is probably wired to the same 120VAC phase. You need a 120V source from each phase or hot leg. Use a 240Vac breaker, having 2 separate breakers is a code violation and dangerous if you ever forget to shut one off or shut an incorrect breaker instead.
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    Future Pool

    Hi everybody Hope I’m in the right forum. Going to have a home built in the North Venice Florida area and had a quick question. Has anyone had a pool built by Water Scapes? I like to hear about your experience and recommendations. Looking at a 12’ x 24’ screened in pool with water shelf.