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  1. Msch99

    Here is why to support TFP

    1st time pool owner last year...never had to slam, smooth opening this year! Thank you! A little chilly today. 78d. But grandkids said it looked too inviting!
  2. Msch99

    Solar powered algae cleaner.

    😂🤣🤔🤨🙄 Sigh. Didnt read details. Guessing it is just a solar powered cu dispenser. Lol.
  3. Msch99

    Swg gram per hour, how to convert?

    I probably missed it somewhere but how do you convert saltwater generator estimated grams per hour to the equivalent in bleach or chlorine? Thanks!
  4. Msch99

    A couple questions, a couple blips cc and aereation

    Hey all, See logs below. I had a couple blips where the cc went to 1.5 and 2, is this normal? They were on the 29th and 27th. Also now that I have the TA close, should I block the aeration nozzle now that I do not need to actively raise the PH? Thanks! *Note: The times may...
  5. Msch99

    TA lowering issue

    Hey all, Working on lowering my TA the last several days. Hooked up the original pump we had replaced with sand filter and shooting it over the pool to speed along the PH rise. Sand filter pump is 3k gph and the original pump is 2.5k gph rated. Besides bad acid and bad testing operator, is...
  6. Msch99

    Number of tests in TFT salt test?

    Anyone know offhand the approximate number of tests in the TFT salt test kit? Assuming cheaper than test strips? sigh, should have ordered when I got my kit...
  7. Msch99

    What to do with Clorox chemicals now?

    Hey all, Now that I am following TFP I am wondering what to do with the following, keep or sell / giveaway? Clorox PH Down. Main Ingredient sodium bisulfate 93.2%. Full jug Clorox shock, chlorine free shock oxidizer. Main ingredient potassium monopersulfate Clorox PH Up. Sodium carbonate...
  8. Msch99

    TF-100 Test kit

    Hey all, After chasing butterflies with our test strips, we are getting ready to order a test kit. Thinking the TF-100 but wondering if some of the options are worth getting at the same time. PH meter $14 ? Assuming not as accurate but worth it for a quick and dirty check? Speedstir Magnetic...
  9. Msch99

    High TA and low PH?

    We are about 2 weeks into our first pool. Using Clorox Smart strips for testing. Total Hardness steady at 500, down to 250 today. Added 1 qt. Scale, Metal and Stain control yesterday. Total CH finally in range of occasional 3's to 1's. Using SWG that was bought before pool, found out it is...