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    Welcome to TFP! 😁 Stole this from another member
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    New pool owner...trouble with chemistry.

    We have swg and like it. Fairly easy once dialed in. (Output vs consumption) Generally cost is about the same, you are paying upfront for salt and swg is all. Read up on swg though, most (me) buy one too small not knowing what we needed. So we supplement with chlorine every day or so...
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    Phosphates out of control

    I type too slow on phone! 😂
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    Phosphates out of control

    An expert will probably chime in soon. In the mean time add your pool information to your signature, it will help them help you. Pool stores are notorious for inaccurate, inconsistent testing causing folks to chase their tails throwing unnecessary chemicals in their pool. They won't be able to...
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    The Pool that wouldn’t clear...

    Not an expert, but if you can't run a week or more without pressure rising with DE then you still have a lot your pulling out which would explain cloudy. Havent seen your first posts.
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    CYA dot test

    I struggle with cya too. Assuming you followed instructions to the letter? Doesnt hurt to read again to be sure. It helps me to hold tube up, fill to 40, then lower tube waist high, with back to the sun fingers on top and glance at it. Dont stare or you will see for sure. Raise up, fill to...
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    How many amps do I need

    We put another ground rod in at the pool sub panel too.
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    New member

    Welcome to TFP! 😁
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    New Member

    Welcome to TFP! 😁
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    New to TFP - Hello!

    Welcome to TFP! 😁
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    Up and running!

    You should be fine at 8, slam for 30 cya is 12 so CL level is safe.
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    Adjusting pH and CYA

    I am not an expert, but you will lose some over winter, when exchanging or re filling. Another possibility is bacteria eating cya and turning to ammonia. All that said...without a real test kit you dont know what cya is. So anything you do is a guess and could make things worse.
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    New pool owner

    I too started with those test strips and app. Conflicting readings led me to tfp when searching for help. Signed on, got my kit and have never regretted it. Testing is easy to learn and quick to do once you have pool dialed in and commit to tfp methods. And free expert help on the forum! 😁
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    What's your favorite pool gadget?

    Dolphin...speedstir close 2nd
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    First time Pool Owner - basic questions!

    Follow the TFP experts and ignore the will not regret it! Testing is easy and quick once you get things balanced. But you can't get accurate tests at store or with test strips. Good luck and welcome to tfp! 😁
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    First Test Results. No CYA?

    ph test isn't valid when FC over 10. That is why they have you test and lower before the slam. :) So FC is the main test... check cya once to be sure it is 30.
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    New member and pool girl by default

    My 2 cents I would get the larger one. Starting out and learning to balance, you will burn through the smaller version. Pool size doesn't matter really...sample size, daily/weekly testing needed is the same.
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    Just bought a house with a pool

    As far as "high" FC a non expert and in layman's terms, higher cya holds CL in reserve, protects from sun breaking down. Indoor pools dont need as much cya. FC of 1 with 20 cya may be about the same effective CL as 5 CL with cya of 80. (Not sure exact numbers but in ball park)...
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    High CYA, low TA, what first?

    Or I prefer the pool math app on my phone, keeps log of what you have done
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    High CYA, low TA, what first?

    Use pool math to calculate how much. Enter starting CL , then target CL, tell it what % bleach is and it will calculate for you.
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    Hi TFP

    Welcome to tfp! 😁
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    TA level high after raising pH...

    Shoot your return where it breaks water line. Use another small pump shoot stream back into pool splashing.
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    So it begins

    Pool math app works great for logging. Not sure if can access from 2 phones without someone logging out.
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    Opening pool

    Test everything initially and post results, then the experts can give advice.
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    Left test kit outside over winter. Still good?

    You can order refills at 😁
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    Welcome to forum!
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    Algae problem - HELP!

    Round your cya reading up. If halfway between 30 and 40, use 40. For me it is easier to fill to a line without looking at dot, then look in tube, fill to next if needed.
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    СYA level zero after opening pool

    Give it 24 hours or more before testing cya level.
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    First time pool owner in Louisiana

    Welcome! 😁 You are in the right place! Many would envy you starting with a new pool AND with TFP advice! Most come here after a disaster / green pool and need to exchange or drain pool due to too much cya and other additives. I suggest Peruse pool school and issues in the Forum to study up...