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    Intellitouch i9+3 problem after storm

    Hello all, I have an Intellitouch i9+3 that has been running for 3 years and had performed flawlessly. Last week we had a big storm and had a power surge at my house from a lightning strike. It fried my modem, router, switch and the protocol adapter from the intellitouch system. I ordered a...
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    ? about rainbow 820 inline chlorinator

    New pool build here. I was going to put some trichlor tabs in my chlorinator. I have followed the instruction on the chlorinator but the water level never drops in the chlorinator. My pool equiptment is below the water level of my pool so I wonder if the back pressure from the water column...
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    Another CYA question

    I have a new pebble plaster pool. Was plastered 10 days ago. Not much real direction from my PB. He did an acid start up I believe. I've taken over and am managing the pH with acid additions to keep the pH in range on this newly plastered pool. I know I need to add Chlorine now. I'm going...