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    Spa Moisturizers?

    In fact we never shower before using spa. ( Slow Circulation/filtering is on 24/7) And we even do most of our exfoliating in spa. I do keep several filters that I change out regularly like 1-4 times a week depending on use. It's usually just the two of us but occasionally a dog will sneak in. My...
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    Spa Moisturizers?

    Howdy Fine Folk. Haven't been around for a while. Still "kicking." I've had spas for 30 years using just about all methods of sanitizing. Past few years using mosty 3 step bromine, in stand alone 500 gal spa, with Borax at 50-60. On the occasion that someone has put any of the "moisturizers"...
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    Has anyone had a CT scan of ABD with and without contrast

    In past three years I've had 5 MRIs. For the one on my shoulder, using contrast, I was prescribed a corticosteroid and took benadryl prior as I have a known allergy to some contrast media. No problems. I had two MRI of head. First one without contrast. Second one a few weeks later they did...
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    Identify/remedy this pool stain

    I'm gonna let the experts comment more. In my case I just guesstimated on time left on, which was only the amount of time it took me to set the plastic flower bucket down and grab the brush, with a long handle. I did scrub with an appropriate natural bristle brush that swivelled. Many placed...
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    Identify/remedy this pool stain

    Just a quick note from The Scale/Copper Stain Queen. If the scale has a slick glaze over it it is the hardest to remove and the last to come off if you do any filled pool treatments which may not work unless you want to spend a couple of years and hundred/thousands of dollars slow treating it...
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    Help with cleaning gravel/rocks/conccrete,etc out of pool

    If it were my pool I would strongly request he use a trash pump, even if he has to rent one, preferably a setup that has its own filter and direct the water back into the pool. If using a trash pump without a filter then water could be run back to the pool using a big Slime Bag. Any skimmer...
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    head hurts from banging it against the wall

    This is a great thread. Beautiful water btw. gg=alice
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    Pump for Small Fountain

    Thanks for commenting Melt. All plumbing comes up from underground right under the deck and about 3 ft from the railroad tie steps. The station is below grade, flooded. There's enough room to do some plumbing. The vertical drop from skimmer and returns to where the plumbing comes out from under...
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    Muriatic Acid Accident

    When I add I do dilute but I use small, newer buckets about 3 gallon, size with proven plastic handles. I just now picked up a small old bucket, used inside, by the edge and it broke. I am cleaning snake enclosure while he is eating and the bucket had three sham wows with only one heavy with...
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    blistering on fiberglass

    After 7.5 years, never empty, my spa developed a few bubbles this spring (I don't know why) so I'm going to be watching this thread. General questions though. Will this in pool or spa cause any damage to the fiberglass underneath? Or will leaks become a problem? Thanks, gg=alice
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    Spa blower noise

    I'm going to let those more knowledgeable comment. There are, on the very basic level of common spray foams, two types. On has very high expansion and hard to control. The other has much lower expansion and is much easier to control. I think is is for use around windows and doors. I would...
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    Do I have algae now titled ... GREY MONSTER SLIME MYSTERY

    Yeah, that sounds like a biofilm to me. Can one do a hyper-decontamination on a painted pool like we can do with spas? That's what it took to get rid of the bio-slime in my spa; chlorine 100 ppm for a period of time. (I actually did it for longer than recommended as we had a neighborhood...
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    Pentair DE Filter Issue

    I've seen that even on non SWG pools. I think it is just something that happens over long periods of time. Better quality steel nuts will help; the higher the quality the better. A thought though..... the metal rods and bolts do need to be the same metal to help prevent this and the two...
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    Disabled Newbie, needing help quick!

    Once you get the test data our good members :) will be here to guide you through using the calculator and adding the chems. As you use the calculator more you will become more comfortable using it. Ask all the questions you need to ask. :) gg=alice
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    fine filtration in spas

    Here's the eBay link for the washable bag, spa replacement cartridge set. I asked if s/he has one for my spa. It is pretty standard FC-2370. ... 230964a5bd gg=alice
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    Disabled Newbie, needing help quick!

    Welcome to TFP. :wave: If you can purchase a small submersible pump, < $100 at Lowes or Home Depot, you can keep the water moving enough to keep the chemicals all mixed in. Be sure to plug it and extension cord into a GFI protected outlet. Over the years I've gone weeks at a time using one or...
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    Access Hatch in Winter Mesh Safey Cover?

    Sounds like your big dogs have been a good test for a product. I'm thinking my dogs will use it as a lounge, for winter sunning. The mesh cover is similar to their big raised beds with Coolaroo type fabric. I'm going to have to go with the sturdiest product, not for longevity per se, rather...
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    DIY Putting green?

    At my last house, about 30 years ago, we had the large front yard sod pulled up or killed (can't remember) and re-sodded with appropriate grass for croquet. The back yard was smaller and the dogs needed a fenced yard. Codes didn't allow for fencing front yards which was a shame as all the front...
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    Spa blower noise

    My last two free standing spas have and had pretty powerful blowers for the bubbles that come up from the foot and leg areas. The blower is the loudest motor of the four in the spa but not as loud as most of my household and shop vacs. The two jet pumps, at 5 HP each, are not nearly as loud as...
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    Can I leave my Blue Pearl in the pool overnight?

    My really old Aquabot stays in the pool most of the time. I'm currently running mine at night, 2 four hour cycles, and frequently during the day for a few hours. I have a lot of blown in dust and I'm doing a scale and copper stain treatment so the long run times help to keep the releasing scale...
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    My pool adventure

    So, how did it all turn out. Have you posted final pictures anywhere? Anxious to see and hear. Hope you've had a trouble free wonderful summer with your new pool. Are you doing the BBB method. How about your neighbor? Are you having a who has the best water contest? Who is winning? gg=alice
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    ascorbic acid treatment?

    Is the Duoclear not able to be pressurized with the mineral cartridge removed? That's what you seem to be indicating. That's how the Nature 2 Express functions. I went to the Nature 2 website but I can't tell whether that is the case. The installation pdf won't open. gg=alice
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    ascorbic acid treatment?

    I surely hope some of our experts will chime in here. As you are closing your pool I would worry about metals settling back out over the winter unless you can top up sequestrant in water and circulate it some, using one or two small submersible pumps. I don't know how fast the sequestrant will...
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    ascorbic acid treatment?

    I see. You have a very small window. If your water temps are pretty high now it may only take a day or two but then you have to up the chlorine slowly or else the metals will fall back out. Don't skimp on sequestrant and algaecide but be sure that the algaecide does not have any copper it it...
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    ascorbic acid treatment?

    BTW... last week I purchased some dry acid, put in a men's athletic sock, and hung it down on a stained area. It didn't appear to do anything. I didn't want to leave it too long though. I did less than an hour with pump and Aquabot running. I had to purchase some socks at Costco because we...
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    ascorbic acid treatment?

    That's encouraging. Be sure to test out different areas of staining. Vit C tabs didn't do anything on my copper stains but most of them were under white scale stained by iron and as the scale is releasing the stains are becoming more evident. My plaster is blue so it is easy to see the blue...
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    Walmart bleach now 4%

    I'm in the same general area as 257WbyMag, but all the way across (actually down :P ) the big county; about 40 or 50 miles. Our Walley brand is still 6%, purchased less than a week ago. BTW.... I hate those glued on cap liners but the jugs are thinner plastic and easier to squash so less...
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    OK I guess I am offensive French, but I need bromine info?

    I found TFP last year and have switched to the BBB method. Prior to that I used ionization and far too little chlorine to keep my pool properly sanitized. In addition the ionization caused copper staining in my plaster pool. This was due partly because I didn't know how to keep the water...
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    ascorbic acid treatment?

    BTW.... what are you wanting to accomplish with the ascorbic acid treatment? Copper staining? There is a high probability that an AA treatment will not reduce the copper staining and may, in fact, make it set in and hold onto or into surface more strongly, and could make the stain darker. At...