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    How I cool down my Pool

    I made this little video showing the fountain I use to drop my pool temperature. Let me know what you guys think.
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    How low is too low for TA?

    My TA always seems to be a little low. It settles are 40ppm. Here are my current test results. FC:5 CC:0 pH:7.5 TA:50 CYA:40 On a few occasions I have added a lot of baking soda to being TA up to about 70, the adding acid to being pH back down. But after a few weeks, TA will settle back down...
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    Calcium Hardness and Vinyl

    So I currently have a pool technician repairing my light as we speak - He doesn't sound too happy to be here, but that's besides the point. lol I've tried to make his day better. Anyways, he's stressing that Calcium Hardness is EXTREMELY important for my vinyl pool, but I'm sure I've read that...
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    Vinyl Wearing at Waterline

    Hi all, Does anyone know what could be causing my Vinyl to be wearing along the waterline? The vinyl is only about 3-4 years old from what I've been told - I've only lived here 2 years. I switched to the TFP method last year and haven't had any issues since :) My only suspicion is that it...
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    New Sand - brown/green water

    I put new sand in my filter a week ago. It was only off for a day while I was working and redoing some plumbing. After I turned the filter on, my water was brown by the end of day. I've balanced everything perfectly and used algaecide because it turned green. It's currently green/brown but all...
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    Pressure side pvc leak - help

    I have a small leak in the pressure side pvc pipe, the one that comes from the filter back to the pool. It appears this pipe has experienced a couple of leaks before and the previous owners had repaired. If I had the extra room to work with, I could repair the pvc with nice coupling and be on...