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    Rome Pie Iron

    I have noticed in my area the Rome Pie Irons are beginning to go on Sale everywhere; single and the doubles. Not sure if anyone uses them, but we like to on the firepit. The cheapie ones warp in an instant. The Rome ones are super durable, so it's nice to pick them up when they are on sale.
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    Broken Lateral(s)

    I am continuing to shock and vacuum. I was to the point where I thought DE should be added to assist in getting the "fines" out of the water. But I knew I wanted to vac/sweep this weekend one additional time so I decided to add the DE after I finished up with that. Upon vac/ sweep yesterday ~...
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    Assistance Please

    Hello Folks, Winter cover disaster, resulted in debris in pool. Little Giant Pump taking water of what was left of Winter cover, resulted in a truckload of water needing to be delivered. 2 Bags of off the shelf "shock" added trying to help. Today I finally get to work on this and get BBB...
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    Cloudy Water

    I am ordering a test kit. At the time I have the 6-Way from Store of All Evil (WalMart) & went to (2) local pool stores to have them test. We are moving a lot of the dirt from the excavation & have had (2) storms since install (2) weeks ago. These are the numbers I have to work with: Hardness...
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    Questions with Install Tuesday ~ pix attached

    Hi we had a 27' x 52" agp installed Tuesday (holy stress, batman!) Now I am unsure how to proceed. We excavated and it left a high side. Installer said no retaining wall needed as it's less than 2' He left me a 1' 1/2" walkway around and said to fill in on the high side and gradually slope it...