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    Stabilizer not lasting.

    I purchased Pool Mate brand from Amazon. I added 7 lbs to get my salt H2O pool to 70ppm. Within 2 months its zero. Shouldn't it last longer than that?
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    CYA not lasting

    Using clorx brand stabilizer. I added 4 lbs a month ago. And tested 5 days later. 50ppm 6 weeks later it's back down to 20ppm. Had just one rainstorm. Is this normal?
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    Pentair transceiver no comm

    Hurricane Irma went by and we had no power for 3 days. All eq works but the transceiver will not com with remote. I read about the blinks of 485,rt,PW and what they mean so before I buy a new board can I get confirmation on what I am seeing and what it means. I have already tried re addressing...
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    tiny green men (spots) in marcite

    Dark green specks in marcite. 1/8 -3/8 in size. I need to use brush to remove them. Leave behind a green stain that comes off with additional scrubbing.
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    pH keeps creeping up to 8+

    I test in the winter just pH an fc. It was always creeping up to 8. I'd check weekly and still have high pH. This spring I lowered my ta from 150 to 100 over two days by lowering pH to 7.0 then bubbling it back up. Two days after that and pH is back to 8 and ta is up 25 points. What gives? Fc...
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    algae or pollen?

    The water temp is 65° I have a Taylor kit k2006 Fc is 3.5 cc is 0. (All winter long) Alk is 110 Cya is 75 Ch is 340 My pH runs high 8.0 but I check it bi monthly in winter to keep it at 7.6 Yet 8 weeks ago i noticed what looked like mustard algae in a corner. Pool gets full sun. I brushed it...
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    swg freaks out in winter

    Swg runs well in summer at low speed RPM on variable speed pump is at fourteen hundred and fifty RPM but in December I notice no flow light is red I increase pump speed 50 rpm I get green light a week later no flow light red I increase another 50 rpm this continues every few days until I am at...