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    Gas heater life expectancy

    What’s the range of useful life for a gas pool heater? What are the usual reasons they are replaced? I'm in sunny SoCal so it's hardly used and enclosure rust-out isn't an issue.
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    Going back to trichlor

    I’m going back to my trichlor bucket -- for a week or two. I’ve been burning through CL during the day even though my CYN is 50, or so I thought. I got some R-7065 50 ppm CNY standard to “calibrate” my testing and found I was reading high. I turned off the Stenner for now and plan on using some...
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    Pool Math display error

    Pool Math needs to have the Suggested FC Shock Levels results field expanded. It’s truncating the LSD. Try this: FC 6 pH 7.6 TA 70 CH 300 CYA 40 Suggested FC Levels results: SWG: 2 Normal: 3 Shock: 15 Mustard Algae Shock: 24 Now increase CYA to 300: SWG: 14 Normal: 23 Shock: 11 Mustard...
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    Hello from CA92807

    It all started with a leak. My 20+ year old pump, on its second 1-speed 2HP motor, had a hair-line crack in the wet end that sent a jet into the adjacent spa pump’s motor killing it. So I started to look for a replacement VS pump as we live in the land of 31 cent kilowatt hours. I’d used a...