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    plugging the return directly in the skimmer?

    I have a leak near my second return in the pipe that i want to fix with fix-a-leak. But i don't want the product everywhere. So i thought i would try to run a flexible pipe from my second return directly in my skimmer intake and I will put a plug in the first return. So the product qould...
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    leak probably from the return line.

    Hi, I think I have a leak somewhere in the return line. So my system consists of a IG pool with a sand filter. One skimmer and two returns. There is a grid in the bottom but it's plugged (never used i guess). It came with a house i bought a year and a half ago. I loose maybe 2 or 3 inches...
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    vacuuming does and don't

    Hi, I didn't find a section about vacuuming does and don't in the pool school. I am wondering when you need to vacuum in draining mode versus filter mode. This is my first season with a pool and from now on I was vacuuming only in drain mode but I realised I'maybe loosing too much precious...
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    Just received my k-2006c test kit

    Hi, I'm a new pool owner (it came with my newly bought first house) Here are my first results with the k-2006C test kit I just received from Piscines Appolo: FC 2.2 CC 0.2 pH 7.7 TA 100 CH 170 CYA 0 It is a bit more work than I thought using this kit, but at least it's precise. My pool is now...
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    Arm and hammer clear balance?

    Does anyone know what could be the ingrediant in this new pool maintenancwe product by Arm And hammer?
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    Pentahydrateed copper sulfate

    Just bought a house with a 18x36 pool and trying to start it for the first time. Here in Quebec, Canada, it seems pentahydrated copper sulfate is becoming popular (see: I saw here some advices against copper sulfate, but nothing about the...
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    Taylor K-2006C-8 8-Pack for 80$

    Hi. My first post here. I just ordered a Taylor K-2006C-8 for 80$ on amazon. With shipping to canada the total was 210$! ... lor+k-2006 I don't understand how they can sell an 8 pack for 80$. Or maybe I'm missing something. Each pack are supposed to...