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    Rock/Waterslide Feature Resurfacing

    Has anyone resurfaced a water slide? We had a plant leak sap and crack the surface.
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    Pentair intellichlor Dead

    I noticed my Chlorinator led lights weren’t operating. Checked the cell and it seems to be dead. When I opened the EZ touch I noticed the black wire connector to the circuit board was burned. I obviously need to replace the wire, but is there additional problems I should look for so I don’t hook...
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    Pentair Whiserflo Pump

    I have a Whisperflo Pump dated from 2007, model number: WFE-8. It's a dedicated pump specifically for a waterslide feature for the pool. I turned it on to filter some water through it. It buzzed for a moment, then it fell silent and it's completely dead now. I'm able to manually rotate impeller...
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    Pentair WhisperFlo

    I have a Pentair WhisperFlo (Model No. WFE-8) as a pump. A couple weeks ago when I turned it on, all I heard was buzzing. I quickly turned it off, then back on and it worked perfectly. This past weekend, I turned it on. Again, the buzzing was heard, but before I could turn it off it went dead...
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    Water featre pump is kaput

    I have a Pentair WhisperFlo (Model No. WFE-8) as a pump for a water feature (slide/waterfall). A couple weeks ago when I turned it on, all I heard was buzzing. I quickly turned it off, then back on and it worked perfectly. This past weekend, I turned it on. Again, the buzzing was heard, but...
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    Upload Pictures

    I'm trying to upload pictures to my forum threads, but every time I try, it says I have exceeded my quota by 19.5kb. The original file is 47kb. I pretty say as far as uploading and downloading images so I'm not sure what the problem is.
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    Pentair Master Temp 400 problems

    Let me start for thanking everyone for any advice. I have a Pentair Master Temp 400. All our pool equipment was installed in 2008 by previous owners. Everything is pentair, control board, variable speed pump, chlorinator. The only thing I've had to replace is the chlorinator so far, but I'm...
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    Pentair Master Temp Spa Problems

    I have a Pentair Master Temp that runs normally when heating the pool, but when we run it in spa mode the heater will heat for approximately one minute, then shut off for a minute and reignite for a minute repeating the process indefinitely. The pipes do shake briefly, but I have checked my...
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    Plaster Disaster

    We inherited a pool when we bought our house and while everything works great, I've always noticed what looked like hard water stains all over the plaster. No matter what brush I used there was nothing that worked to get rid of it or even diminish the definition. I've had to drain the pool and...
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    Pentair Intelliflo

    What is a good RPM for the Spa on the Pentair Intelliflo?
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    Pentair Master Temp 400 and Screenlogic2

    I recently linked my Pentair EZtouch board with my mobile devices via screenlogic2. Previously, we had to operate the heater manually. It wasn't set to automatically turn on for preset heat temp, pool or spa. Now that everything is automated for remote access, I want the heater to operate...
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    Another Intellichlor

    Last year our Intellichlor IC40 died. For the past year, I've been using a floater with tabs and I've gone back and forth whether or not to replace it. I've read so many pros and cons and have talked to so many people about it I can't seem to gauge a definitive yay or nay. Per some urging from...
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    Outdoor Speakers

    I am planning to run speakers on the far side of the pool. I don't have power so I'm going to run speaker wire through a planter that surrounds the pool. I need suggestions on outdoor speakers. I don't have a preference if the speakers are camouflaged or not. We have a lot of tropical foliage...
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    Pentair MasterTemp 400 Error code E05

    I tried firing up the MasterTemp this weekend and it fired and heat started, but within a minute or two, the heater would shut off and this code would come up on the display: E05. Anyone have this problem and solved it?
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    Solar.... yes, no?

    Thinking about getting a solar (black tubing) system installed. Any thoughts? Just trying to not have to plan on when we heat the pool (gas) and swim. The Mrs. loves the pool at a frigid 85 degrees.
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    Pentair Remote 520691

    Previous owners of the house lost the Pentair remote. It seems there's two different types. A 4 and 8. We have the wireless antennae, but how can I tell which remote to buy. Read quite a bit from people about how these two remotes are specific to respective antennae types. Any suggestions how I...
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    Pentair Itellichlor

    Our Intellichlor stopped working last summer. I've cleaned it, 3x. I tried using tablets/liquid, but my wife would prefer going back to salt water generator system. Talked to Pentair and they said check the voltage and make sure your getting correct power to unit so I'll be doing that tomorrow...
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    Pentair ic40 Chlorinator

    It's about time to replace my pentair SWG I think. See previous thread if anyone has any additional ideas how to save my SWG ( pentair-intellichlor-ic40-t69258.html ) If buying a new one is the case, does anyone have any suggestions where to buy? My current (soon to be cancelled) pool service...
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    Pentair Intellichlor Ic40

    Last week I cam back home from working abroad and I noticed the lights on the SWG were blinking, High salt, but also the PWR light was reading Red. I opened the unit and realized it needed to be cleaned. I did and it looked fine. When I plugged it back in and had it up and running, the PWR light...