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    Multi-Port Valve

    I have noticed an increased amount of play in the handle/lever on my multi-port valve. I just backwashed my pool and when I finished the last backwash and waste run and flipped back to filter, I get a steady stream of water continuing to flow out of backwash PVC line. Any suggestions?
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    Polaris 280 Problems

    I have a Polaris 280 and the two wheels tied to the drive shaft will not turn in a forward direction but will turn in rear direction. It is causing my Polaris to just sit on the front wheel. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Established Calcium Deposits

    Any ideas on how to get rid of established calcium deposits on tile and stone. Have tried scrubbing with diluted meuratic acid, power washing, pumus stone and nothing works.
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    Established Calcium Deposits

    Anyone have any suggestions to eliminate established calcium deposits? I have tried a diluted mixture of water/muratic acid, scrubbing with oumus stone, wire brush, etc. and nothing seems to work.