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    POOLVERGNUEGEN the poolcleaner review

    after hanging out here for a while, reading 100s of reviews on various sites, I decided to buy the poolcleaner 2x. Unfortunately, the hoses weren't long enough for our pool (my bad, I measured incorrectly) so I ended up with the 4x model from poolsupply world for $389. I also had to purchase an...
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    de in pool when vacuuming to waste after replacing grids

    hi, entire filter replaced last year, de stays in fliter when multiport is set to filter. when multiport set to waste, de flows into return lines. Pool company said grids need to be replaced, made repair, same result. then pool company said manifold needed to be replaced, made repair, same...
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    very low ta and ph, which to go after first?

    Hi, first test of the season, alk=10, ph is so low it's not part of ph spectrum. pool calculator is calling for 31 lbs(!) of baking soda and about 5lbs of borax. I'm thinking the alk is dangerously low for my pool tiles/ladder and provides a buffer for the borax, so I'm thinking of adding...
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    diy replacement of booster pump?

    Hi, is replacing a dead booster pump something I can do or do I need a pool pro to do it? tia,
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    after pool opening, de and debris in pool return

    Hi, I replaced my filter last year. I had the same company open the pool. While opening the pool, they made a couple of mistakes which I figured out. Yesterday I vacuumed my pool (to waste) for the first time this year. I noticed small debris coming out of the returns. afterwards I...
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    using an extension cord with an electric robot?

    hi, we don't have an outlet near the pool, does anyone use an extension cord with their pool cleaner? thanks, jd
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    thepoolcleaner hose length? using two skimmers?

    Hi, I ordered the 2x thepoolcleaner and it looks like I need another 20 feet of hose to make it from the skimmer in the deep end to the shallow end wall. One alternative is to move thepoolcleaner from the deep end skimmer to the shallow end skimmer every time we run it...seems a pita. Does...
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    robotic cleaners cost year = cost of unit / warranty period

    Hi, after reading 100s of web reviews here is my analysis of cost per year for robotic units: cost per year = cost of unit/years of warranty my reasoning is that the motors on these units fail at a very high rate and once the unit is out of warranty the cost to repair is too high. I'd...
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    The pool cleaner ($388) vs dolphin dx5 ($750)

    Hi, Down to these two. Is dolphin worth the extra spend? Tia
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    cast iron vs. platic headers?

    Hi, replacing our heater, our pool guy suggests cast iron headers are better for the northeast. Anyone have an opinion on this? Also, if someone could recommend a 400btu digital heater, that would be great. I'm thinking raypak or teledyne. tia,