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    Hayward SX244K Top Closure Dome Replacement for Hayward Sand Filter (Too Tight)

    Hello all, There is a major crack on the dome of our Hayward Model No S244s. Ordered the replacement part off Amazon even though I was a little skeptical after reading the reviews...
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    Good outer pipe glue / Spa draining into pool

    So I think I found the culprit to why my spa is draining a few inches after the pool equipment is turned off. Though I have changed all the check valves and now have some o-rings coming for all the 3-way valves, I now have another issue. I have an 4 stage in-ground pool cleaner, and have it...
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    Spa Draining After Equipment Goes Off

    Hello... I was curious if anyone can tell me why my in-ground spa drains about 50% just under the therapy jets after I turn off the pool equipment? I assume it's a faulty check valve, but curious if there are steps I should take to eliminate possibilities? Thanks in advance!
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    [[FC Shock Level Question]]

    Hello... So I just drained over 2/3 of our pool and going to SLAM it. I have ran the tests for my PH and the levels are at 7.5... I am curious how much chlorine/bleach I should use? After running the test it looks like I have .5ppm, and I am confused at what level I should SLAM it to as the...
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    [NEED ADVICE] - Draining Pool 50% Cause CYA Is 110

    Hello... so I am going to attempt to drain my pool 50% using my sand filter as my source. Here is my concern and curious if I should even be doing it this way. The only returns on my pool are through my skimmer and leaf vac. My thoughts are to turn the valve by my equipment to only pull from the...
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    Fixing A Leaky Union

    Hello... I was curious any advice on replacing what seems to be a broken union. I have seen it leaking through the crack so not sure if I need to replace the whole thing or just the cracked band looking part? Also, is this something a beginner with no plumbing experience attempt doing, or is...
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    Pool Constantly Cloudy

    Hello all! and yes I am not only a newbie to the forum, but also a newbie to pools. I am leaning on advice here as I have spoken to several "pool guys" along with my local pool supply company but can't seem to be getting our pool crystal clear. Our pool chemical tests show that our pool is...