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    Wire Brush Okay for Gunite?

    I've been using a wire brush on my gunite pool, and it seems like a lot of junk ended up in the filter. Is it better to use nylon? I'm afraid what's going into the filter is gunite. Amazon lists a lot of nylon brushes, but the ads say they're for vinyl pools.
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    Green Stuff on Screen Enclosure

    My pool is screened in. The enclosure is bronze-toned aluminum. Green stuff is growing on the screens and frame. What's the best way to get rid of it? Is there a way to prevent it from growing?
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    Vacuum that Catches Crud Before it Gets to Filter?

    Last year I wanted to vacuum my pool, so I got a cheap vacuum thing and a hose. Problem: the Crud I vacuum up goes into the filter, so I have to backwash and add DE every time I vacuum. Is there something better out there? I don't want an expensive gadget that cleans the pool by itself, but I...
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    Reinstalling Sta-Rite S8D110 Clamps So They Don't Leak

    I am trying to get my filter to stop leaking. I try following the instructions (alternating sides as I tighten clamps), but the filter still leaks. Is there a trick to this?
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    How do I Make Swimquip Slide Valve Stop Leaking Around Shaft?

    I have a Sta-Rite DE filter (S8D110) with a Swimquip slided valve. The slide valve leaks at the top. I replaced the O-rings, and it doesn't help. The O-ring that is supposed to prevent leakage around the shaft is a #014 ring. It goes up against the underside of the lid. There is no seat for...
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    Generic O-Rings for Pentair Backwash Valve?

    Does anyone here know the specs for generic O-rings to fit a Pentair 14930 slide backwash valve? I don't want to spend $20 for $3 worth of O-rings, and I don't want to spend a week waiting for Ebay. If I have the specs, I can go to the hardware store.
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    Output Keeps Dropping Quickly; Lots of Algae

    I'm new here. Hope this is the right area for this post. I have an in-ground pool with what appears to be a big Sta-Rite sand filter. I am having some strange problems. I got a little algae a while back, so I shocked the pool and brushed it. It cleared up and came back, so I shocked and...
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    Hello from FL

    Hi. Thanks for establishing this forum for lost individuals like me.