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    Lame tile guy did this

    I designed my own pool and am usually pretty observant. Wasn't until I was in the spa for the first time a few days ago that I noticed one of my 2 skimmers has a larger opening than the other. Guessing it’s not the biggest deal, but would like to hear what others think. Builder plans to add make...
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    Salt level sound normal?

    My new pebble pool is 3 weeks old and I have not added any salt yet. Using the recommended salinity test kit, my salt level shows to be 1000. Normal???
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    What’s my SWG Production?

    Will be adding salt to my newly filled pool soon and was hoping to get ideas about my chlorine production based on the specs in my signature. I appreciate any help! Mike
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    Slip return fittings

    Greetings. Shotcrete has been applied. Builder includes flush mount returns but I would like the ability to change returns if needed. They installed 1 1/2 inch non threaded pipe for the returns. When researching return fittings, I see some slip fittings with a bulge on it. Are these typically...
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    Shotcrete leaching

    Shotcrete was completed a week ago. Ever since, I’ve noticed dirt on one area of a wall. Although I cannot see the muddy water coming through the wall, I know it is because it rinsed off when I water down the Shotcrete and then appears again hours later. Builder says it’s all good and that the...
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    Glass tile installation

    Glass tile this something I could tackle myself? From what I have read, it seems a little more complicated than installing ceramic tile.
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    SoCal build

    I began using this site in 2014 when I had my first pool built. I went from knowing nothing about pools to knowing a few things. I’ve since sold that home and moved into a newly constructed home. I enjoy doing things myself and learning, especially TFP methods. Ever since I purchased this...