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    Yellow algae or sand/

    Thanks all, and for the links. Will be getting the kits from clear choice labs :). Yes liquid Cl in 15L tubs (hardware store, will check dates). Sodium hypochlorite 125G/L avail which I guess is the 12% commonly referred to. Used before. For now ill have to start the SLAM a little blind...
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    Yellow algae or sand/

    Update - how it looks after a quick vacuum to waste. The residue is not slimy but feels silky smooth fine substance. When touched it just dispersed into the water. There was a layer of it across large surface areas on pool floor and walls. There's also clumpy collections on pool floor.
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    Yellow algae or sand/

    Hello all, new to TFP. haven’t done an OCLT yet (looking to get fas dpd test kit) could anyone confirm (by looks) is this is algae ? I think I’m in denial. There is a backstory including my SWG being out of whack for couple months and pool turning slightly green, I did the stainless steel...
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