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  1. Pysiek

    Solar cover reel attachment options

    My pool if 30ft in diameter. Couple years ago I tried the reel to remove my solar cover. But every season the cover will tear right where the strap clips are attached. Is there any other way to attach it without making holes in the cover?
  2. Pysiek

    CYA present even if I have not add it to fresh water

    So I tested my water last night. CYA came up to be about 12. Is this is correct if I just filled my pool and have not yet add it? Or is it just a reading from the solution I added to the mix ?
  3. Pysiek

    TA adjusted and what's now?

    Still learning everything about the pool chemistry. So my TA comes to be at 310 . I'm in process of lowering it with acid and aerating. So my question is when I hit the mark on TA I will not be able to use water fountain anymore? Cause if I use it , it will lower TA more and raise PH. So then to...
  4. Pysiek

    Pool liner bleaching on purpose

    Like in the other thread we had our pool rebuilt. New liner is kind of dark in color and now when the pool is full I don't like it. Before we took the pool down our liner was also dark and one time I think I overdose with shock and it turn kind of white. At that time the water color was more...
  5. Pysiek

    New pool wall and liner

    Okay folks. Last year I started a thread about my 5 years old pool that have a rusted wall. I got new wall under warranty right before winter. Pool was taken down before winter also. Installer suppose to come early spring but because of the whole COVID thing he was too scared. Anyway I found...
  6. Pysiek

    Rusted wall. Pool 5 years old!

    I just noticed last night two rusted holes near the bottom of my pool. I can see the linear thru them. The worse part is that the pool was purchased brand new in January 2014. Pool comes with 5 years warranty. Can this be fixed? Also can I do it after the season?
  7. Pysiek

    Can I use my DE filter/pump to vacuum pool with no DE in the filter

    On the filter instructions it says to not run it no longer then one minute without priming. I have a lot of debris and algae after winter in my pool. Now if I add DE to it , it will get clogged after couple minutes and loose all the suction power. I can't just flush the system and reprime every...
  8. Pysiek

    Why I can't use this vacuum?

    Why I can't use this vacuum for above ground pool? Will it tear my liner? Bottom of my pool has wrinkles and it's really hard to use regular vacuum with brushes. This kind will really help me enjoy the cleaning. Are the companies saying you can't use it on vinyl pools just in case? Please tell...
  9. Pysiek

    Securing winter cover to pool uprights

    This is my third winter coming trying to figure it out what is best method to keep my pool winter cover on my pool. First year I used the cable only and it didn't took long before it was blown away. Second winter I used the shrink wrap. Was blown away also. Then I secure the cover to few 1...
  10. Pysiek

    Marine shrink wrap as pool cover

    I was just looking at the boats being shrink wrapped for winter. Can I do that to my above ground pool for winter? I will use the blue food grade barrel instead of pillow. Or is the compression from shrinking too strong for pool?
  11. Pysiek

    Can I remove the PVC cap from my front yard sewer pipe and drain my pool water there?

    Just curious...I have this big PVC cap in front of my house which I assume is from the sewer drain. Can I remove it and drain some of the water from my pool there? My house is not very long so this is my other choice instead of draining into my yard.
  12. Pysiek

    Outdoor solar shower

    Hi Have anybody here build a outdoor solar shower ? Have seen that one DIY solar shower but cannot find the black ABS pipe anywhere near me. So I was thinking of using one of the black 55 gallons drums food graded. But not sure if I connect hose to it there will be enough pressure to push the...
  13. Pysiek

    How much?

    Question on bleach. After I stabilize my pool water how often will I need to add the bleach and how much? For example 1 gallon a day? I know I have to test the water every day and calculate using PoolMath but on average how often do you guys add it? Just trying to find how much it will cost me...
  14. Pysiek

    New season new question

    Hello guys Long time no read ;) . New pool season is around the corner so I would like to ask about pool robot for above ground pool (aluminum walls with liner). My pool size is 30' x 54" . Last year I purchased this vacuum Wanda the Whale . I have a lot of troubles with it's suction. Once I let...
  15. Pysiek

    Did not drain

    Hi guys and girls Last night my neighboor hired someone to close his above ground pool. What we notice is that they did not release any water and it looks like they just pluged the inlet and outlet. Is this possible?
  16. Pysiek

    Can I use blue food barrel instead of pillow?

    I would like to use the blue food grade barrel instead of pillow under pool cover . I just don't trust the pillow. Can I do that?
  17. Pysiek

    Solar cover cut to fit steps railings.

    I have a solar cover reel and I have to say I will never come back to pulling the solar cover off by hand. The only problem is when I cover the pool with solar cover it won't cover the area where my steps are. Because of the railing. Did anyone ever try to cut the cover to work with steps railings?
  18. Pysiek

    Hydro Tools Solar Cover Reel

    Anyone using those? What are the reviews? It cost half of what I will have to pay at other stores. $141 for 30 ft solar cover. No body come even closer to that price.
  19. Pysiek

    My TA is 350. Should I lower it?

    My TA is 350. I have a water fountain to speed up the process. But is it worth it? Is the TA important if my pH stays the same most of the time?
  20. Pysiek

    Pool skimmer basket and pump skimmer basket

    Here is my problem. Pump goes off and the basket in pool skimmer floats to the top and pushing on the "flapper" (I think this is how you call it) when pump goes back on basket won't sink fast enough and block the "flipper" which prevents water flow into the skimmer. Even if I have not explain...
  21. Pysiek

    Robotic Pool Cleaner $300 Budget

    Which do you recommend? I checked eBay and they have few of them. Which one is best?
  22. Pysiek

    Kreepy Krauly Prowler 720 can I use it?

    I found Kreepy Krauly Prowler 720 for sale for $300 . They said it turns on and sucks great but won't move. Probably need the motor to be replaced. First question. Can I use in AGP ? And is this a good price?
  23. Pysiek

    DE powder life

    I have a DE powder in paper bag in my shed for about two years. Can I still use it? Or it is better to get a new bag?
  24. Pysiek

    Concentrated bleach and poolcalculator

    The only bleach available in my area is the concentrated bleach. On the bottle it says 121oz=182oz. Now my pool is 24000 gallons. I go to poolcalc and type FC=0 Goal=10 . Bleach is 8.25%. It shows me to add 362oz of bleach. Is that mean that I have to add 362oz of the concentrated bleach? Or...
  25. Pysiek

    Splinter free deck

    What to do to keep everybody from getting splinters in their body parts? Do you cover the deck floor with some kind of mold-resistant outdoor carpeting? I do not want my family members or guest that will be using the pool to be required to wear shoes on deck. My deck is brand new just finished...
  26. Pysiek

    Pool edging

    Can you please post a photo of your pool edging? I cannot make up my mind what to do... to use plastic edging or maybe some bricks or composite edging or maybe steel edging... too many choices
  27. Pysiek

    Pool installation gone bad

    Can you please post a picture of your out of level pool installation that is still functional? I would like to see how bad you can go with the installation :cool:
  28. Pysiek

    Uprights lean left to right

    Hello Some of my pool uprights are leaning left or right. Not much just a little. Can I remove the top rail cap and move them a little when the pool is full of water? Or should I drain it?
  29. Pysiek

    Digital instruments

    I own a reef tank and I use these kind of tool to take measurement of the water: Hanna Instruments. I have been using them for 3 months now and they work great. No color guessing. My question is are they any good to be used in a pool also? I know a lot of you guys will say "go with TF-100 kit"...
  30. Pysiek

    Hayward PVC plumbing

    I will hard plumb my Hayward Perflex EC50 filter and Hayward 1.5hp Power-Flo LX pump. Can you please let me know what I need to connect the PVC piping to motor,filter ,skimmer and pool outlet? Are all the threaded connectors available at local supply store? In the filter manual it says that all...