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  1. Holydoc

    Algae or not

    Mini, I interpret the "water is clear" portion of the SLAM criteria to mean there is also no dead algae in the pool. When I conducted my SLAM the first time, I did not wait until all the dead algae was gone from the floor of the pool and I ended up SLAMming again. I thought about it a bit and...
  2. Holydoc

    Hurricane Sally and My Pool

    Just an update... put over 200lbs of salt in pool and started up the SWG. It started generating chlorine immediately and is registering 3950ppm salt. Very happy with this SWG.
  3. Holydoc

    Expecting a lot of rain from sally

    We had over 20" of rain and lots of wind. Got my pool cleaned out of debris, and are adjusting the chemicals now.
  4. Holydoc

    Hurricane Sally and My Pool

    So typical thunderstorms and torrential rains typically hardly move the scale on my pool's chemicals. However here comes Hurricane Sally with 20 inches of rain in my area and limbs, leaves, and other debris. So what were the results of all of this except for the hours to clean all the debris...
  5. Pool and Stairs.jpg

    Pool and Stairs.jpg

  6. Holydoc

    FC usage and air/water temp

    According to my graphs over the last few years, at: 90 to 95 water temp - SWCG is set to 35% 80 to 90 - 25% output Below 80 - 20% output I cannot say whether the water temp is the cause of FC loss or just the indicator of more UV exposure. However it is a good indication to me if I need to...
  7. Holydoc

    CYA is LOW

    He is not adding. His went from 70 to 30 CYA in 9 days according to his logs.
  8. Holydoc

    CYA is LOW

    Dab, I am still a little confused, to say the least. The last test your Pool logs show is 22 days ago. Are you not using PoolMath any more? You could make these troubleshooting exercises much easier if you would enter your tests in PoolMath. Your situation is odd because I am in Florida...
  9. Holydoc

    CYA is LOW

    Dab, A bit of advice that will help a lot. Since you are using PoolMath start adding your chemical additions and notes to it as well as your tests. This would help immensely understanding how your pool is reacting. Currently all I can see is that 3 months ago you were at 60 CYA. Then two...
  10. Holydoc

    TF-100 Chlorine Cylinder Losing Markings?

    Exactly what I do. I have a Samplesizer and a Speedstir. I am the definition of convenience. :)
  11. Holydoc

    Who can taste the salt?

    I can taste the salt in our pool. Currently it is around 3400 ppm.
  12. Holydoc

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    Stoop, To tell you the truth, I have not looked at the backup file. I will try to get some time this weekend. If it is text based and has all the information we input into it, I think we found our solution. Nice.. Leebo, Don't mistake what I was saying. I love, LOVE the app. I am not...
  13. Holydoc

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    Exactly what I was trying to say, Stoop. You just said it much better. LOL
  14. Holydoc

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    Problem is that with people like me who work as Analysts for a living, we love to evaluate everything and discover new trends. I take all my testing and evaluate at what temps I need to adjust my SWG and to what percentage. I can tell you how many of inches of water needs to be displaced in my...
  15. Holydoc

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    Herman, The summary is very nice. I do still wish I could save it as a CSV so that I could load in EXCEL to do trends and monthly without having to go through the manipulations in the app. I am also with you on adding notes as well. (see my notes so that you can see how I mark days where I...
  16. Holydoc

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    I second that request. It is getting towards the end of the swim season, and I want to calculate how much chemicals and such the pool cost me this year so that I can budget for next year. Having the "Added Chemicals" is a CSV file would definitely help me to do these calculations.
  17. Holydoc

    Yellow/mustard algae, forever?

    That is definitely the nice thing about a SWG pool. I do not have to worry about my pool water FC fluctuating. I run my pump 24/7 with my SWG set at 30%. This keeps my FC hovering around 9.5 for a CYA of 70. Notice that for a SWG at CYA = 70, the minimum FC=3, Recommended = 5, and SLAM...
  18. Holydoc

    Hey Florida folk - how is your CYA holding up?

    Yes, I keep a load of pucks (with Ducky) in storage just in case of torrential rains. Otherwise my CYA stays pretty stable with water temperature near 90 deg. Nice thing about Florida is that we typically can lower our CYA at no cost, just wait for the next few rains to overflow pool.
  19. Holydoc

    Screen Pool Enclosure ~ Pros and Cons

    I noticed that most people do not have their pools enclosed in a screen enclosure. I was wondering if there is a reason why you chose not to enclose. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having your pool enclosed? I was thinking a huge advantage was preventing critters and...
  20. Holydoc

    Golden Retriever Is Here

    Potty training -- take him out ALL the time (every hour) Vet - shots, chipped feeding schedule -- set one up that works for your work schedule. We do 3 times a day, when we get up. Lunchtime, and Supper. Treats for training - we make our own by making chicken jerky in food dehydrator. If you...
  21. Cheyenne 1 year birthday.jpg

    Cheyenne 1 year birthday.jpg

  22. Holydoc

    Pool smells like chlorine

    BKB, Let me just mention one thing that may help you out. One of the biggest mistakes people make when doing a SLAM is ending it too soon. Even I did that once when I was just starting TFP. I kept wondering why I would suddenly see a little bit of algae on the ladder. Being new, I would...
  23. Holydoc

    Above Ground Pool set, filled, shocked. Now questions :)

    You are doing very well. It is nice to see you taking over control of your pool. Once you get everything dialed in, it will get much easier. Everyone seems to have you under control so I will leave them to give you more specifics. To answer your questions: If the Cyanuric Acid test is not...
  24. Holydoc

    FC not dropping for days. Should I be Worried?

    Impossible to keep a consistent FC in Florida this time of year without adding Chlorine somehow. Something has to be wrong with your test reagents or testing.
  25. Holydoc

    Getting others thoughts on what to add

    With your FC being so low when you got back, it probably would not hurt to do an OCLT just to make sure you do not have an algae bloom. If the OCLT passes, you can continue on with your plan. If not, you will need to SLAM to prevent algae from getting a hold.
  26. Holydoc

    Salt Test

    Both of your kits had the wrong R-0630? Very weird. Glad you found the problem.
  27. Holydoc

    Salt Test

    Wow... you have two kits and both are giving you incorrect results?! Then let's make sure you are doing the test correctly: 1) Get 10ml of your pool water 2) Place in 1 drop of R0630. 3) Swirl to mix. Water should turn yellow. 4) Add a drop of R0718 swirling the solution while you add...
  28. Holydoc

    Salt Test

    It appears your R0718 solution may be bad or expired. That is about the only reason I would think that you are having this problem.
  29. Holydoc

    Above ground pool vacuum recommendations:

    I have the Nautilus Plus and have never had a problem with my liner. Just put it in and pull it out 2 hours later. Clean pool...
  30. Holydoc

    "Chlorine Block"

    Jem, You can look at my Pool Logs and easily see that Rain has little or no effect on my Pool Water. 3 days ago, I had to fill my pool with hose water for 2 hours because we were having a bit of a drought and water had evaporated. Since then, we have had torrential downpours (of course). I...