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  1. Ronald U.

    pH: How high is too high?

    Greetings. I've asked this years back, but now I'm into uncharted high pH territory and I want some opinions. As you'll see, my CSI is fine. And I figure, if I don't have to go out in the cold and add acid, I won't. I'm lazy. Thanks. pH 8.5 (approx. as 8.2 is top of the color scale) FC 5.5 TA...
  2. Ronald U.

    Big time daily chlorine loss

    Greetings. I have always noticed a large daily drop in FC during the summer. Up to 5 points is not uncommon for my pool. However, it seems to be even more lately. I target FC at 7.0 every morning. This morning's reading, pre-chlorine addition, was 0.5 points. 6.5 point loss during the day? Wow...
  3. Ronald U.

    Has "old" Pool Math web page been replaced?

    Hi. I don't have a smartphone and use my Apple desktop and laptop to run Pool Math web page. Is this still current? I'm seeing info. about an app with updated suggested chemical levels. Thanks.
  4. Ronald U.

    First FAS-DPD chlorine often way too low

    A puzzler: My first attempt at FAS-DPD often gives me a ludicrously low FC. Then I wash and refill minutes later and voila! I get "the result I want". Same water, everything. Example: today's first FC was 2.5, CC 1.5. Then FC 4.5, CC 0.5, then FC 4.0, CC 0.5. This happens 50% of the time. Anyone...
  5. Ronald U.

    pH: how high is too high?

    Greetings, fellow travelers and pool owners. So my CSI is still fine with pH 8.3. But how high is too high as regards pH's effect on the pool's infrastructure? Thank you. Today's readings: FC 5.5 TA 100 CH 200 CYA 30 Temp 62 Salt (from 9/19) 2400 Borate (from 9/19) 40
  6. Ronald U.

    Always amazed how much chlorine full sun sucks up

    Every year I go through my early season dis-belief at how much my FC goes down every day. Right now it seems to go from 6 to 2 (or lower) every full sun day. The house is on the east side of the pool and large trees on west but for at least 8 hours the sun hits pool directly. I am now onto a new...
  7. Ronald U.

    free Phenol Red R-1003J

    I inadvertently purchased Taylor pH Indicator Solution (Phenol Red) R-1003J, C Size: 60 ml (2 oz), expires 02/19. After experimenting with it and determining I could not use it, there remains approx. 2/3 bottle. If you want to split shipping cost, its yours. Thanks and regards to all TFPers.
  8. Ronald U.

    Can I use R-1003J for TFT-100 comparator?

    Seems I bought a 2 oz bottle of R-1003J for refill. Can I use this in TFT-100 test kit comparator? Thanks.
  9. Ronald U.

    Does a higher CYA in summer have advantages?

    Greetings. I seem to understand that raising my CYA for summer full sun will be an advantage. I am currently CYA 40 and lose 3 - 3.5 FC daily. If I move CYA to 50 or 60, will my daily expense of chlorine go down? Thank you. pH 7.7 FC 6.0 CC 0.5 TA 120 CH 250 Borate 40 CYA </= 40 Water Temp 82F
  10. Ronald U.

    Invalid Redirect??

    Does anyone know why I get Invalid Redirect first time I login, and then when I enter info again it goes through and logs me in? I use Firefox. A minor inconvenience. Thank you.
  11. Ronald U.

    A true TFP story

    I walked into Leslie's to buy 12.5% chlorine liquid. Standing at the counter, I overheard two customers commiserating over how difficult it was to keep their pool chemistry straight, what with all the conflicting mis-measurements and chemistry correction schemes they were constantly being sold...
  12. Ronald U.

    Extreme CYA Flood Loss>>Don't let this happen to you

    Greetings. Just in case this happens to someone else-- Post-Harvey biblical rains I began a preemptive SLAM. My CYA had dropped to 30 from 40 pre-storm. From that point I kept noting extreme daily loss of FC and figured I had occult algae growth. CC averaged 1.0 - 1.5. Water became crystalline...
  13. Ronald U.

    Anyone know Hayward 4 way valve settings?

    Hello. I am trying to determine which directions SPA and WASTE are. Normal flow is 12 o'clock. Backwash is 6 o'clock. Labels are worn off. This is a Hayward 4 way valve sitting next to DE filter, about 1998 model. Thanks so much. It will help me drain pool a bit without backwashing. Hurricane...
  14. Ronald U.

    What is considered a too high salt level in non-SWG?

    Just wondering at what point I would need to consider draining water to lower salt. Actually all is going very well. Latest salt reading from Taylor drop test is 2200 ppm. Thank you all for my lovely pool.
  15. Ronald U.

    My swim club indoor pool results

    I know TFP is not for commercial pools, but can anyone make sense of the results I got today from my indoor swim club lap pool? I do not know what systems they use. Thanks. pH > 8.0 (strange color) FC 26.0 CC 5.0 TA 90 (strange color) CH 375 (color also mildly atypical) CYA 0
  16. Ronald U.

    RINSING graduated cylinder before test makes a difference

    I have noticed that when I forget to rinse out the chlorine test graduated cylinder before testing, the FC shows low and the CC high. Then I do a cylinder-rinsed-out-with-pool water chlorine test, and the results show a higher FC and lower CC. Here is today's NO RINSE and then RINSED results: NO...
  17. Ronald U.

    Understanding CSI boundaries

    Do I understand correctly that CSI -0.6 up to 0.6 is OK? That < -0.3 and > 0.3 merely means you are on the warning track but that pitting or scale should not occur? Thanks.
  18. Ronald U.

    CH jumped from 275 to 400-425?

    I typically run CH 275 - 300. I didn't add any calcium intentionally (no Ca shock, Ca chloride). Today I was doing my weekly chemistries and find 400 and 425. What can cause such a jump? Thank you. Here are my other latest numbers: pH 7.7 FC 6.0 CC 0.5 TA 80 Salt 1800 ( about 10 days ago) CYA...
  19. Ronald U.

    What are the precipitates during TA test?

    Just curious about the chemistry. Usually once I begin to add R-0009 I notice some stringy precipitates form. What are those, exactly? Thank you.
  20. Ronald U.

    Mustard Algae, Green Algae Identification

    Would it be possible for Pool School to get more specific on differentiating MA from GA? Multiple photos of each, more distinguishing features. Thanks.
  21. Ronald U.

    How to clean Taylor salt test cylinder?

    I just purchased a Taylor K-1766 Sodium chloride test kit. I notice afterwards that there is a creamy bathtub ring left inside the cylinder that doesn't wash away easily with water. Use weak bleach to clean? I'm assuming sticking my finger in and wiping it out is not the smartest way. Thanks.
  22. Ronald U.

    Why not routinely do 24 hour MA SLAM at end of green algae SLAM?

    Greetings. Since it seems difficult to distinguish MA from regular green algae, why not recommend routinely doing a 24 hour MA shock at end of any greenish algae SLAM? / BTW, I always wondered how a case of authentic MA passes the OCLT and low CC criteria of the initial SLAM, before one does the...
  23. Ronald U.

    What do different color folders mean?

    In the forum I see orange folder icons and blue ones. What is the meaning of each color? Thanks.
  24. Ronald U.

    Persistent high CC

    I need help. I began a green algae SLAM 23 days ago. Back then there were 6 or so hand sized patches of algae on walls, water clear. Since Day 2 SLAM no visible algae, water clear. I am unable to reach SLAM completion due to persistence of CC between 1.0 - 2.5, usually 1.5. Running out of ideas...
  25. Ronald U.

    How long can SLAMs run?

    Greetings. I have been slamming for 9 days. Have SLAMmed in past, never more than 3 days. Began this time with wall green algae bloom, mostly in places I know to have poor circulation. (I have noted that taking sample from these spots can show FC 3 points less than a spot near return jets.)...
  26. Ronald U.

    Does orthotolidine test include Combined Chlorine?

    Am I understanding correctly that Orthotolidine colorometric test gives me Total Chlorine (FC + CC)? That would explain this morning's results: Ortho. Chlorine Test 3.5 FC 2.0 CC 1.0 TA 90 CH 300 Borate 40 CYA 40 Thank you. Regards.
  27. Ronald U.

    What's wrong with pool overflowing?

    I always hear of people running outside in the middle of storms to turn on their drain pumps. What's wrong with the pool being up to brim and running over a bit? Thanks.
  28. Ronald U.

    What are the basic TF-100 chemical reactions?

    I am curious to know some basic chemistry behind the chlorine, TA, CH, pH, CYA, borate strip tests. As in, what is occuring as I add solutions and titrate. Perhaps it is somewhere on the site already. Thank you. Enjoying my initial half year into this pool care method and community. Less...
  29. Ronald U.

    How do I find my GPM?

    I have an A. O. Smith Century Centurion B150 2 hp. pump. I don't see GPM on the info. plate. How do I obtain GPM so I can calculate how long it takes to turn over one full pool volume? Thank you all. RU
  30. Ronald U.

    Can a plaster pool be ruined if drained in high water-table ground?

    I have heard that draining my pool here in Houston, Texas would cause it to crack or "rise" due to the high ground water-table in this region. Is this true? Thanks, people.