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  1. Lershac

    Flooding in Louisiana in august.

    So, long time TFP member. In august this year we took about 3 feet of flood water in our home. Of course the pool was inundated with floodwater as well. Besides filling the pool with gross water, a couple of carp, and flood debris, it damaged my pumps, heater, and heat pump. The...
  2. Lershac

    Metal Stains

    Hi all, just wanted to relate my experience with some metal stains. I ahve a ~16K IG plaster with french gray plaster (diamondbrite). I built my pool about 3 years ago, and my fill water has some copper and iron in it. I was recently disappointed to notice some pretty heavy stains, that I...
  3. Lershac

    Intellichem owners, need some experienced advice please

    Hi, new intellichem owner here. I just installed my intellichem about a week ago, acid pump and intellichlor (IC40). Prior to installation, I shocked to be sure I had nothing going algae wise (pretty sure I didn't but I wanted a "clean slate"), and made sure I was balanced as far as the LSI...
  4. Lershac

    Another Pool Skim Review

    Well, I installed my PoolSkim today, and after a full day of use, I am overall happy with the device. A poolskim is an aftermarket pool cleaning accessory that claims to be an effective skimmer for the pool, and an improvement over traditional skimmers. We have a large german shepherd mix that...
  5. Lershac

    I don't know where this goes...

    So my eldest daughter moved back in for a spell. With her comes a 110 lb German shepard. He absolutely loves our pool. We have observed him in and out of it over 100 times today. Seriously. Anybody hazard a guess as to his chlorine consumption? I love him but he is much too large for our...
  6. Lershac

    Gotta love the BBB!

    First season with pool open (water in since November), adjusted water to satisfaction in dec, been maintaining cl with swg and about 5 bottles of MA so far... Have been lazy, running full tests once a month and checking cl and ph twice a week. Decided to pull full tests today on a whim...
  7. Lershac

    SWG Survey

    Hey all, I know everyones situation is different... but i wanted to get a feel for what the range of answers is... I have a pentair 40K gal SWG on a 16 k pool in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have been running mine between 30 and 40% What percentage do you run your swg on? Please list your...
  8. Lershac

    Pentair intellitouch automation questions...

    Ok, so I decided to get the automation dialed out where I wanted it, and I have a few questions. 1. I programmed a FEATURE circuit (not an auxiliary) for the pool pump to run at a reduced speed. I want the pool to run on this most of the day, and step up to full speed for cleaning etc. The...
  9. Lershac

    Where did all my salt go?

    So last week in preparation for a gathering I pulled my cover off my pool (thereby dumping a huge amount of Crud that had collected on top into my pool). With the addition of the large amount of crudness in the pool (which was clear before I pulled it off) I was worried about the load on the...
  10. Lershac

    spa command install problems.

    Hi all... Installing a pentair spa command remote by the spa. Wiring has been checked... connection seems good. But when I power on the system and try to assign an id to it, there is no display on the remote, no lights no nothing. Any help?
  11. Lershac

    Wired stuff

    Is anyone else seeing little Texas flags at the upper left corner of forum sections? This is on an iPad. No computer available now to check if it's there too. I am also seeing a small picture of something at the bottom left corner of each forum post. Maybe I should get back on my meds.
  12. Lershac

    vacuum fitting

    Hey I am searching for a fitting to go into a 1 1/2" normal wall pipe on an in-ground pool gunite... for vacuum. I found (and ordered by mistake) a safety fitting to put on the pipe that closes off the suction when not in use, but It does not accept a regular vacuum hose (too small). Is there...
  13. Lershac

    High ch on new plaster pool

    Three weeks after fill and my ch is 620. Is the only recourse a partial drain and fill? Should I wait a while until curing is more complete?
  14. Lershac

    New pool startup GREEN!

    So new plaster, just finished the acid startup, during the startup the pool looked great, clear (except when we brushed but that cloudiness cleared out quick!) Added cl to bring it to 3 FC (no CC on testing) Added washing soda to neutralize he acid Added baking soda to bring up the TA BING...
  15. Lershac

    New pool, 1st fill initial test, help!

    Ok so just finished filling a brand new plaster pool (diamond brite exposed aggregate finish)this morning. We did an acid wash before filling then added a ton of acid after filling at the direction of the plasterer. Like 12 gal in a 16k gal pool. Testing ph, it's lower than 6.2 using the TFP...
  16. Lershac

    Valve actuators

    Soooo, I have 5 valve actuators, all the compool 180 deg models. Turns out I need 90 deg models (yay!) I am wondering do I need to return/ swap them out or can the be adjusted to 90 deg? Very little documentation in the box. Thanks! In the event I need to get the 90 deg models, anyone have...
  17. Lershac

    Intellitouch install

    Hi every body, Lershac for the red stick thread here... I am setting my equipment and need some input and hopefully guidance. So I have 2 intelliflo pumps vs3050s one to drive the. Spa jets and one for circulation and filtration and heating. I have one pentair 400k btu heater, and one...
  18. Lershac

    Rebar Question

    So I just got asked a question by my gunite guy on the phone that I did not understand what he meant, and my google-fu is weak. I also didnt really understand his explanation. He asked me if I had any "alternates" laid in the rebar. What does this mean?
  19. Lershac

    Praise the lord and pass the ammunition! The forum is back!

    Was it down for a reason?
  20. Lershac

    Dry well pump selection

    Hi everybody. I am having trouble selecting a pump for my drywell going under the gunite pool. Essentially I have a 2" perforated pipe buried in gravel going beneath the deep end of my pool shell. I want a positive displacement pump to mount at the equipment pad to pump water out from under...
  21. Lershac

    Pentair Intellitouch information

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of my build. I have a pentair intellitouch I9+3, Screenlogic interface 520500 for the PC and plan to use that and ipad/iphone control for the pool. A couple of questions: 1. Is the PC based screenlogic program sufficient to do the initial programming of the...
  22. Lershac

    Skimmer Design

    Hi all, I am building my pool, installing the skimmers. I got two Pentair Admiral S15 units, and they have a "circular weir". As I understand the working action, there is an outer basket and an inner-basket insert that floats with the level of the water and debris comes in over the top of...
  23. Lershac

    Excavation Costs

    Anyone have any idea what excavation costs are on a typical pool? I know it varies wildly in different areas, but I just want some figures for comparison. My excavator was a friend and I want to offer him compensation even though he called it a favor, without insulting him by offerring him too...
  24. Lershac

    New Build in Red Stick- **pic heavy** 3-25 update

    Digging Started Today Pool Specs ~20000 gal pool 20X30' rectangle with a 10X10 tanning shelf. 9'X9' square spa w/12 or so jets. Waterway Polystorms of varying flows. 2 skimmers 5 returns, 1 deep end, 1 shallow, 2 tanning shelf, and 1 spa. dual main drain. spa drain (s?) (a strip drain or dual...
  25. Lershac

    Plumbing and equipment layout help

    Hi all... well its been a long four years of waiting and saving, and Saturday (day after tomorrow) we actually begin digging. I am ordering equipment (this is a DIY IG Gunite with spa, shared body of water), and trying to figure out the layout of equipment and plumbing. I will have: ~20000...
  26. Lershac

    Pipe type question

    Hi all, this question is for the plumbers. I have seen a few pics of builds where they were using Schedule 40 "DVW" piping for plumbing the pool. I understood that DVW was not for pressure use, is that the Case? I am embarking on a DIY in ground and do not want to use the inappropriate...
  27. Lershac

    purple primer -> clear cement

    Hi Guys, looking for some info about using clear cement instead of the purple primer and cement (for looks). For the clear cement, do you use a primer? The cans say to use the primer, but I cannot find any that is not the purple stuff! Are the clear cementers just skipping the primer, or is...
  28. Lershac

    Spa jets

    So I am working out what I need to buy for my spa-jets on an upcoming build. I cant seem to find any reference documentation on how that stuff works. I see all sorts o different spa heads, bodies, venturis, blower motors, booster pumps etc etc... where does a guy begin? I am designing a...
  29. Lershac


    What can one expect to pay for travertine paver decking and coping? Mat'l cost, I understand labor will vary wildly depending on the location. I have "heard" anywhere from $4 a sq ft to $25 per sq foot. Material only.
  30. Lershac

    Pumps, pumps, pumps... design questions

    Hi all, I am in the design phase of an owner-contractor build. I am building a 20X30 IG gunite pool with an included (in that dimension) spa 9X9. I will also have 3 deck jets. My questions are regarding pumps. Between the spa and tanning shelf and steps, the actual deepwater pool will be...