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  1. frbruno64

    I'm done buying lousy filter relief valves

    I got disgusted replacing the plastic Pentair filter valves every few years. Each replacement cost about $25. For $38.64, I got a beautifully machined brass valve and pressure gauge assembly, including tax and shipping, It's a thing of beauty and will last forever. Take that, Pentair...
  2. frbruno64

    Super Lube for o-ring lubrication

    There is a fine deal for a 14oz jar of Super Lube 41160 Synthetic Grease. I would love to use this product as opposed to the overpriced Magic Lube. Link There are numerous posts on this board with various opinions, with a few recommending Super Lube. As one poster put it, I would be glad to...
  3. frbruno64

    Baker Hydro skimmer replacement basket

    The original skimmer baskets for the Baker Hydro skimmers finally need to be replaced. My guess is they are original from 1971! The OEM part number is 51-B-1026. I have found what appear to be OEM replacements and a never ending litany of unbranded parts. I'm confused on what to purchase as a...
  4. frbruno64

    In the market for a new heat pump

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on the purchase of a new heat pump. Based on several posts. I contacted Marc Miller of Marc is very knowledgeable and has spent a great deal of time discussing my needs and options. He has recommended two manufacturers: Hydro Royal...
  5. frbruno64

    Decrease pump HP and increase filter size

    I currently have a 2 hp single-speed motor on a Challenger pump and an FNS Plus 48. I have purchased a two-speed 1.5 hp motor and matching impeller which I will install on the existing wet end in place of the 2hp motor. Fortuitously, a free Pentair FNS Plus 60 was up for grabs, and is now...
  6. frbruno64

    Pump running dry for months!

    Yesterday, I was on the pool deck for the first time in at least two months. As I approached the deep end, I heard a faint noise coming from the equipment area. As I got closer, I caught a faint burning smell and felt my stomach sink as I realized it was my pump running - and running dry to...
  7. frbruno64

    Wall Street Journal article on new testing method for large pools

    Thought the group would find this article interesting, despite the gross results of large pool tests.
  8. frbruno64

    Ball valve resistant to chlorine

    I'm looking for a ball valve suitable for installation adjacent to my vacation puck feeder. Standard PVC valves quickly accumulate chlorine residue preventing valve operation. Thank you.
  9. frbruno64

    Timer for two speed B2982

    Got a sweet, sweet deal on a Century B2982 motor, with no timer. At $175, I could not pass up the opportunity. This leaves me with the question of how to control this two speed motor. My current timer is a Tork P1104-M mechanical timer inside a Tork PP-125-R-P4 panel. Perfect for single speed...
  10. frbruno64

    New pump or motor replacement: decision time

    As mentioned in my previous thread, I'm planning to upgrade to a two speed pump. Replacing the motor with a two speed Century B2983 and keeping the wet end was the original thought. However, it occurred that an analysis of purchasing a new pump is in order, especially if my current equipment...
  11. frbruno64

    Challenger motor replacement

    I'm replacing the motor on my Challenger CF-NI-2A High Flow pump, because it is tripping the GFCI breaker, 15 years old, and single speed. Photos below of current pump and motor. Before ordering the motor, I need to verify that I selected the correct motor. After looking at so much data over...
  12. frbruno64

    Hide and seek CYA

    Although there are plenty of informative posts about unexpected CYA levels upon opening, I post mine because of unexpected results based upon the quantity and types of chemicals added over the past month. The pool was closed early September 2015. Balanced with a CYA value of 60 Water lowered...