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  1. mas985

    Can't see smaller icons

    All of the small icons show up as small squares. My web page looks like this:
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    Searching a single thread

    When I try to search a single thread, all threads are searched. Is there a way to do that?
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    Reasonably priced peristaltic pump

    If anyone is interested, I found this on Ebay: DISHWASHER RINSE CHEMICAL DOSING PUMP 110V | eBay Bought one a couple of weeks ago and it has been working pretty well. It has a a water resistant housing, speed control and a geared drive so very low speed is possible. Lifetime is TBD but it...
  4. mas985

    Upside to local pool removals

    Because of the recent drought in California, many pool owners here are choosing to remove their pools to reduce water usage (even though they could have just used a pool cover). Some cities are even paying pool owners to remove pools. This has created a flood of used equipment for sale on...
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    Attachments Default

    The default setting for image attachments did not have the upload box checked which was preferable for me and I assume the forum as well. Can that be changed?
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    Circulation Dye Test

    I have been wanting to do this test for some time but haven't gotten around to it until now. I ran three tests: 1) Dye in front of return at high speed 2) Dye in from of return at low speed 3) Dye in skimmer coming out of 4 returns at high speed The only issue was that the dye faded pretty...
  7. mas985

    Cost to run pump for freeze protection

    How do you get to $.40? A 1.5 HP Jandy pump uses about 2.2 kw per hour so how much do you pay per kwh? Even at $0.05 / kwh, that is $0.88 for 8 hours of run time.
  8. mas985

    The Physics of Freezing and Freeze Protection

    Recently, there have been a lot of questions from those living in moderate climates about using automatic freeze protection or running pumps to prevent freezing and what a pool owner should do when temperatures drop so I thought it might be useful to have a thread which dealt with the issue from...
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    Posting Warning

    I miss the old forum's warning when posting that someone had posted something while you were composing a post. Anyway to get that back?
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    Image Issues

    Can you tell me if you see both or just one (please state which) of these pictures: OneDrive Google Drive
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    Pouring salt in the skimmer

    This side conversation has been split off of this topic. JasonLion I put my salt in the skimmer. It dissolves fairly quickly that way without much work.
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    PM feature does not include links to the thread

    The old PM button use to include a link to the thread from which the PM originated but the new link does not. Is there another way to PM someone other than the name link?
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    Youtube links seem to be broken

    Look at this old sticky: The fonts seem to have changed too.
  14. mas985

    FYI - Hayward® Industries, Inc. Acquires Poolvergnuegen

    Hayward® Industries, Inc. Acquires Poolvergnuegen Also, from what the owner had told me, he use to work for Hayward building cleaners so this isn't too much of a surprise.
  15. mas985

    Freeze Protection Debate

    Under certain conditions there is little risk. It depends on the weather. Water freezing sufficiently to break pipes can really only occur at certain temperatures and wind speeds. Some pipes are more vulnerable than others but it is important to understand the physics of freezing. Water does not...
  16. mas985

    Analysis of Plumbing Loops and Other Configurations

    I, like most people, have long believed that plumbing loops can help balance return flow through multiple returns in a pool or spa but I was curious as to how much they really help and if there are other ways to balance return flow. So I performed a detailed analysis on 6 different plumbing...
  17. mas985

    Pool Heat Transfer Tools Spreadsheet

    I recently added the "Pool Heat Transfer Tools" spreadsheet to my list here if anyone is interested. I have been working on this one for some time and attempting to calibrate the results against my own pool. It gets pretty close to actual pool water temperature. Here is a list of features: Heat...
  18. mas985

    Centrifugal Pump Priming and Cavitation Videos

    Ever wonder how a pump self-primes? Self-Priming Pump Basics Pt. 1: Introduction 2FA6t7wHtF0 Self-Priming Pump Basics Pt. 2: Failure to Prime GrpXdcSfbfA Or what cavitation sounds like? Cavitation Example AU_Fnlu65qU
  19. mas985

    DIY Solar Cover Roller

    Someone in another thread had asked about how I built my own solar cover roller. So here it is. Initially, I had purchased a SolarRoller and it worked pretty well for about three years after which the aluminum pipe corroded through. So I looked at several alternatives and came up with the...
  20. mas985

    Pump Failure Survey

    This may be a futile exercise, but I am attempting to get to the bottom of why many PBs and techs have such a poor opinion about Hayward pumps. While, I could go through all of the old posts to collect data, I am hoping to get enough responses to this post in order to draw at least some...
  21. mas985

    Refill Experiment

    Every year I need to replace at least half of the pool water due to high calcium but this year, instead of a traditional drain and refill, I tried something different. I had read of people doing an in place refill using plastic to separate the new water from the old water. So I thought to...
  22. mas985

    Pool Pump Energy Cost Comparison

    After seeing several questions on pool pump efficiency and energy cost comparisons, I thought it might be helpful to put together a simple spreadsheet that allows a pool owner to compare the costs of several pool pumps. This spreadsheet uses the data from the California Energy Commission web...
  23. mas985

    Rebuilt Motor Experience

    I was wondering if anyone has had a positive or negative experience with rebuilt motors and/or pumps. They seem to be at a very attractive price point but I was curious as to the actual life span of the motor since it is rebuilt. I would expect a shorter life span but uncertain as to how much...
  24. mas985

    IE8 and long posts

    I am having a problem editing long posts (larger than the presented edit window) with IE8 and this forum. It doesn't occur with Firefox but when editing with IE8 and a post that is longer than the edit window, the edit window tends to jump up and down when typing near the bottom of the post...
  25. mas985

    SWG Chlorine Production vs Salt Level and Water Temperature

    I thought it might be good to continue this discussion in another thread since I have some new data to share. Last year I ran a few measurements which indicated that a fixed voltage, variable amp bipolar SWG cell such as mine would produce chlorine at rates proportional to the salt level in the...
  26. mas985

    Pump Efficiency Data

    I came accross this data the other day and thought I would share it with the forum. The California Energy Commission in conjunction with PG&E, a power company in California, has collected energy efficiency data on pool pumps from various suppliers. The methodology used allows pumps from...
  27. mas985

    Solar Panels and Vacuum Breakers

    To avoid a more technical discussion in this post, I moved the discussion to here. These are my comments to tphaggerty. This is the animation that I was talking about. Note that the panels drain from bottom to top. So a little refresher on hydraulics seems in order. Static head is the most...
  28. mas985

    Homemade Acid OR Chlorine Injection System

    Having a plaster pool with a SWG and fill water with high PH and TA has meant a constant battle with rising PH. I have tried the borax route with lowered TA but because of the high TA fill water, I haven't had much success in lowering my acid use. So I decided to look into acid injection...
  29. mas985

    Adding Acid Via The Skimmer

    At the risk of stirring up a hornets nest, I would like to get some feedback on the long held belief that adding acid via the skimmer may damage some equipment with metal. In most cases this probably not a wise thing to do but for some pools under some situations could this method actually be...
  30. mas985

    CYA Testing Update

    I thought I would give those who are interested an update on some testing that I have been doing regarding CYA levels and chlorine. First a summary of the testing that I did in this thread. - Running my spa with the SWG at CYA levels from 45-80 ppm showed no change in chlorine production. -...