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  1. JediKnight

    Cant rid the cloud

    Isn’t he great?! We call ours Wall-e. He likes to go rocket man on occasion. 😂 OP, how is the pool doing?
  2. JediKnight

    Cant rid the cloud

    You’re in the right place! Listen to Mknauss and you will not only have a pool so clear it looks like it’s empty, but will be saving so much money! You need a good test kit (they are pricey but worth it and last) and lots of liquid chlorine. Here is our above ground, 16’ Intex when we opened it...
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  5. JediKnight

    New Build Northern California Spring 2020

    :D I'm glad! You are huge on TFP for sure. Currently "we" (aka my grandparents we help and live with) have a redneck, not-so-level half buried Intex, but I've really enjoyed learning about how to tend to it. Not to mention saving them so much money from the dreaded pool stores. Can't wait to...
  6. JediKnight

    New Build Northern California Spring 2020

    Loving this pool build! Also, waving at you from about an hour and a half away. We have the same red dirt and ponderosa pines as you guys do in Placerville. Your property is stunning! Looking forward to even more photos with your margarita glasses and such around this beauty! Also, @kimkats is...
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  8. JediKnight

    Intex Pool Auto Cleaner Connector

    It depends on what pump you have. If is one of the dinky cartridge filters definitely not. We had a 12” sand filter and upgraded to the 14”, which runs the skimmer a lot better too. We have a 16ft pool.
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  10. JediKnight

    Intex Pool Auto Cleaner Connector

    We had the same problem and went to the hardware store and made it work with PVC fittings. Then we realized that our pump was too weak to push it around the pool and ordered the Intex 14” pump/sand filter and that came with a new return that fit the cleaner connector perfectly.
  11. JediKnight

    Auto cleaner getting stuck under above ground pool steps

    Thank you Brett! I got the 14” Intex pump and sand filter and now it does wheelies and sometimes acts like it’s putting on a Seaworld show! Then it calms down and does it’s job without getting stuck.
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  13. JediKnight

    Anyone have any ideas on opening this thing before I smash the lid off ?

    The pump basket lid got stuck on ours and has a groove similar to your sand tank lid. I used a scrap piece of rebar, it's probably 3/4" and used it as leverage to twist the top off. Worked so well that little foot-long rebar now lives next to the pump.
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    Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.35.06 PM.png

  15. JediKnight

    Auto cleaner getting stuck under above ground pool steps

    It does indeed move slowly and gets hung up on divots and large wrinkles. :( I backwashed today before installing the cleaner along with a redneck PVC adapter as the included one was nonsense and not compatible with the pool. Do you know if a pressure-side booster would work? I'm not even sure...
  16. JediKnight

    Auto cleaner getting stuck under above ground pool steps

    Oh wow! I just got this little cleaner and he's barely moving. May I ask which pump you're using to make him into a Hulk?
  17. JediKnight

    Liquid CYA shelf life? Slamming can’t keep FC up

    Perfect! That’s the answer to my question. Thank you, as always.
  18. JediKnight

    Liquid CYA shelf life? Slamming can’t keep FC up

    It started out below reading on the comparator as the pool was half filled for winter and rain filled it up this spring. I’ve added the pool math recommended dosage and it tested 30. Could be 40, I always struggle with the CYA test dot. I just wanted to know if liquid conditioner/CYA has a...
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  20. JediKnight

    Liquid CYA shelf life? Slamming can’t keep FC up

    Yes, I’m vacuuming daily, the last pic is before-hand. Okay, so you don’t think it has anything to do with CYA “expiring” and just not being done Slamming. I shall continue the process as planned, I just wasn’t sure if using old liquid stabilizer was not protecting what I’ve been throwing in...
  21. JediKnight

    Liquid CYA shelf life? Slamming can’t keep FC up

    First time over wintering the pool. Left it uncovered. We’ve had some persnickety weather with warm then cold weather and the pool turned into a swamp. I started slamming a couple weeks ago sans pump and stirred and brushed the liquid bleach in like a 16’ witches brew. Then it rained 4” in a...
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  30. JediKnight

    Taylor kit complete k-2006

    I just ordered some today off of Amazon. I use the K-2006 and K1001. Both kits were originally ordered from Amazon, but I'll be sure to check expiration dates on the refills. A lot of last years agents were still good in the 2006, but I ran out of the FAS-DPD powder and R-0871. I couldn't find...