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  1. AlanH

    CYA yoyo-ing

    Interested in following this. My CYA plummeted from 35 to less than 20 (10ish?) over 2 weeks since the last test. No rain. Usual splash out and evaporation replacement. I just finished a mustard algae slam and all appeared to be back to normal. It was ahead of schedule for the CYA test (and some...
  2. AlanH

    Hayward Swimpro Pump - not in Hayward product list?

    Looks like I'm going to have to replace my Dynamo 1HP, 2 speed pump. Everything electrical is good but the motor housing, end plates and base plate are badly corroded to the point of splitting apart. The pump was run on low speed (about 3 amps) 95% of the time and had a minimal impact on our...
  3. Hayward Swimpro Pump.jpg

    Hayward Swimpro Pump.jpg

  4. AlanH

    Mustard Algae Slam - but no FAS-DPD test available

    Just a follow-up. I was able to dilute the water samples and use the DPD tablets using the 0.5 markings on the lower end of the comparator. I used the OTO drops first (with dilution) to get a ball park of the dilutuion required since the tablets are somewhat expensive and hard to find. After the...
  5. AlanH

    Mustard Algae Slam - but no FAS-DPD test available

    Thanks all. @red-beard - great if it is green algae (well, better). I think it would be best to treat as mustard though. The photo is not typical of what I saw in the pool. That streak is a peculiarity of my circulation that creates an eddy in that area and anything that is in the pool always...
  6. AlanH

    Mustard Algae Slam - but no FAS-DPD test available

    @ajw22 - the algae has definite yellow color. On the rare occasion I have had to deal with a green algae but this is very visibly different. Are you saying that for mustard algae do a "normal" SLAM first, which for me would be FC=14 (CYA=35), followed by a higher concentration SLAM (FC=22) for...
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    mustard algae close-up.jpg

  8. AlanH

    Mustard Algae Slam - but no FAS-DPD test available

    Thanks. That seems to be working for levels of FC=22ish for mustard algae (as recommended by Pool Math) and dilutions of 4-5 to 1. Getting down to CC of 0.5 or lower and OCLT of a loss of 1.0 ppm or less may be a challenge. The best (finest scale) comparator I have is one left over from a...
  9. AlanH

    Mustard Algae Slam - but no FAS-DPD test available

    Moved from here. Just keeping an eye on this forum as I deal with my algae bloom. Wouldn't FC depend on type of algae? Don't know for the OP but in my case Pool Math recommends FC=22 for the mustard algae I have, versus FC=14 for a "regular" shock. (13000 gal, CYA=35ish).
  10. AlanH

    Is it possible to trap algae in vacuum bag?

    Saw this while posting about my own algae bloom. I use filters from Duda Diesel quite successfully to pre-filter before Crud hits my cartridge filter, even algae. They have various sizes, materials, micron specs and ship quickly (also on Amazon). My filter system is somewhat different from most...
  11. AlanH

    Mustard Algae Slam - but no FAS-DPD test available

    Hopefully I can get some thoughts about slamming a budding mustard algae bloom in my pool. The hurdle is that I live in Nicaragua and there is no way I can do (or buy) a FAS-DPD test. The best I have is Pentair's Pro 11 test kit. It uses tablets to test for free chlorine (DPD1) and, using that...
  12. mustard resize.jpg

    mustard resize.jpg

  13. AlanH

    Burying a Radiant! How we dropped an AGP in our yard

    Great! A kindred spirit. Had to brush off a whole bunch of "can't be done" or outrageous quotes on my project as well. Glad to hear you found someone who would listen to you. And I know you'll enjoy your pool so much more as something that reflects what you want.
  14. AlanH

    DIY Pool Build - Latin Latitudes - In Ground, Vinyl Lined, Perimeter Wet Edge

    Thanks all, for your kind comments and appreciation of the effort behind this build. Thankfully, being retired, I had the time (luxury even) to pick my way around the hurdles that popped up along the way. Living in a rather remote area of Nicaragua (no "pool stores" or industry to speak of), the...
  15. AlanH


    For a pool deck you may get away without watering it. But, just in case others see this thread ---- the curing of concrete is a chemical process called hydration. It is not a drying process. It is particularly important to keep it wet/moist for the first 3-4 days and the longer the better. Use a...
  16. AlanH

    Deck options

    Welcome to TFP. We used a manufactured paver that has a faux travertine look. The pavers are made with a fine aggregate concrete that is fossilized calcium based rather than silica. (like the "cool" sand beaches of Cancun). They also use a white cement rather than grey. This makes for a paver...
  17. AlanH

    If your pool/liner has grays and blues, what color is your deck?

    Just to give you an idea of the blue liner, grey deck look. We used a cement paver that has a faux travertine look to it. Since coping tiles (for the oval pool) were not available (not even made) we used the pavers and cut and bull-nosed them with a 4" grinder. A grate (not shown in this pic)...
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  19. AlanH

    Ideas to deal with pool decking to yard height differences and drop offs?

    JD - Your thread caught my eye because of a similar issue that we faced. Our build site was on quite a steep slope. We used this to our advantage placing the decking/patio on two levels. For us this made for a more interesting landscape design as well as accommodating the cascade into a return...
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  24. AlanH

    DIY Pool Build - Latin Latitudes - In Ground, Vinyl Lined, Perimeter Wet Edge

    Thanks Casey, Jeff. A few more pics of the wet edge. Carol and Sky. Sky is not a water dog, thankfully. Claws and vinyl liners aren't (IMO) a good mix. He's just happy having (for him) the world's largest water bowl. Corner detail of swim through from shallow (18") oval to deep (72") round...
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  30. AlanH

    DIY Pool Build - Latin Latitudes - In Ground, Vinyl Lined, Perimeter Wet Edge

    Thanks E9A. At the time when I started I couldn't find anything really at all about this type of construction. There was some stuff about individual components -- liners attached below the water line; negative/infinity/wet edges; "reverse" circulation (bottom > up) -- but nothing putting it...