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  1. Lershac

    Help me pick a decking material!

    Another experience based travertine recommendation. We have a lot of it. It stays cool to the feet even at the hottest here in Louisiana. See my pool build thread in signature.
  2. Lershac

    OB in Goodyear, AZ ramping up

    Consider the light placement. It’s late here and I might not be reading the plans correctly, but underwater lights should face away from main seating or viewing area. Otherwise they are very distracting being point sources and not indirect. You will be looking at that pool way more than swimming...
  3. Lershac

    Shotcrete (input needed)

    It’s really 6 one way and half a dozen the other. Go with what seems right to you. It shouldn’t be more than a few hours labor to move the cut to where you want it and fill in the old.
  4. Lershac

    Flooding in Louisiana in august.

    So, long time TFP member. In august this year we took about 3 feet of flood water in our home. Of course the pool was inundated with floodwater as well. Besides filling the pool with gross water, a couple of carp, and flood debris, it damaged my pumps, heater, and heat pump. The...
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  6. Lershac

    New Fr. Gray install, problem?

    Man not to pile on, but thats just awful!
  7. Lershac

    Metal Stains

    Well the culator seems to do fine, and I am busy/lazy so I havent pursued it any further.
  8. Lershac

    New Build in Red Stick- **pic heavy** 3-25 update

    Update to Louis. I am an IT guy, and have a lot of different clients. One of them is a good friend and lawyer, and one day I was in my friends office working, and LO AND BEHOLD GUESS WHO WALKS IN? Louis. I am bearded now and I was squatting down working so I dont think he recognized me, but...
  9. Lershac

    DIY Pool Build - Latin Latitudes - In Ground, Vinyl Lined, Perimeter Wet Edge

    Have you gotten the grate in yet? Kudos to you for bucking the naysayers.
  10. Lershac

    Metal Stains

    Hi all, just wanted to relate my experience with some metal stains. I ahve a ~16K IG plaster with french gray plaster (diamondbrite). I built my pool about 3 years ago, and my fill water has some copper and iron in it. I was recently disappointed to notice some pretty heavy stains, that I...
  11. Lershac

    Leaf eater

    I have pool skim. One of the best purchases I have made. Schedule a pump high speed run for an hour a couple of times a day and it takes care of the issue completely. Just need a oompa loompa with it to empty the bag and fetch me drinks. And I have leaves just like that pic.
  12. Lershac

    Concrete pool up north

    Mats have you fallen off the face of the Earth? I hope all is well with you and your family. update us when you get a chance please!
  13. Lershac

    New fiberglass pool is full of cracks... HELP!

    Well the pool builder has a year or so more experience now too so hopefully he has learned a few things and this will go smoothly.
  14. Lershac

    Intellichem owners, need some experienced advice please

    What still bothers me about it, is that the device reports an ORP OVER the target level, yet still has the SWG on. Total, its running about the percentage I had it set prior to purchasing the intellichem, but just at different times of the day. The measured FC level seems about right, but...
  15. Lershac

    Intellichem owners, need some experienced advice please

    So after another week, things seem to have stabilized a bit more. I upped the target ORP to 760, and it oscillates around there as described above but, the low seems to be around 730 and the high seems to be around 820. All in all, very happy so far with it.
  16. Lershac

    Stenner Pump Doghouse

    Man thats some attention to detail there. Even a thermometer inside. Gonna wire it up permanently with some flex conduit to that outlet after you get all the details firmed up?
  17. Lershac

    Chlorine Demand that just won't go away...

    But just to be clear, keep the FC at shock level until all three are met! You are doing a great job so far!
  18. Lershac

    Intellichem owners, need some experienced advice please

    Hi, new intellichem owner here. I just installed my intellichem about a week ago, acid pump and intellichlor (IC40). Prior to installation, I shocked to be sure I had nothing going algae wise (pretty sure I didn't but I wanted a "clean slate"), and made sure I was balanced as far as the LSI...
  19. Lershac

    sand filter tank leaking

    Were I to risk a repair, I think I would probably do a fiberglass repair, to give the flaw some strength in tension. but hey, if it works yay! If it fails I would grind off the JB and go back with some fiberglass and resin and then paint the whole shebang to protect against UV degradation...
  20. Lershac

    Debate: Can we really heat pool to 90F in 40F weather?

    I can attest to the fact it can be done. it WAS expensive, but we have heated the pool to 90 degF while it was in the upper 30s outside. No cover or anything. A major problem with doing this turned out to be evaporation. We lost over an inch of water. But it was pretty cool to be out there...
  21. Lershac

    sand filter tank leaking

    Those operate under quite a bit of pressure... careful when you "do work" on a pressure vessel! It can certainly hurt someone if you compromise the integrity of the shell. Just me, but I would replace the thing. Safety is more important than saving a few hundred dollars to me.
  22. Lershac

    French Gray Diamond Brite

    We have french grey DB, and the color changes constantly. The initial green someone else mentioned on here happenned to us, turns out we have a healthy dose of copper (Cu) in our tap water, and this gave it an incredible green tinge. Over time our pool water had pretty much become completely...
  23. Lershac

    Chlorine Demand that just won't go away...

    This is normal for your situation. Ammonia in a pool is very VERY chlorine intensive to get rid of. As someone mentioned before it takes about 10 ppm Chlorine to get rid of 1 ppm Ammonia. So this behavior is to be expected. What will happen is a TON of chlorine will be used very quickly, and...
  24. Lershac

    How much does $ to install a Natural gas line? Who to call?

    Re: How much does $ to install a Natural gas line? Who to ca I think you may want to look for a less expensive plumber next time, who itemizes his bill. Good gas plumber bills for $125-150/hr normal time (not OT) and fittings are stupid cheap. Your rusty end cap, isnt stainless (none of that...
  25. Lershac

    What's your current pool temp?

    52 here, took 2 hours to heat up my ~1500G hot tub to the 90s. The steam coming off it with the outside temp in the high 30s last night was impressive.
  26. Lershac

    I repaired crack in our fiberglass pool

    You took the time to "do it right" and to follow it up with "how do i prevent this in the future?" Of course it came out well! This is a really useful link and a mod-min ought to find a way to perma-link it so others can easily find it in the future.
  27. Lershac

    Arizona Owner/Builder - Where to start?

    Hi, I built my own pool too. Pools around here are very expensive so the investment was worth it. In your area I am not sure I would do it. That said, as a project for personal gratification and accomplishment, it was well worth the time invested. If you choose to continue along this path...
  28. Lershac

    New Build in Red Stick- **pic heavy** 3-25 update

    He is no longer in the pool business. We have been THOROUGHLY enjoying owning a pool. With the SWG and automation, maintenance is down to weekly testing and emptying of skimmers and polaris bag, and a bit of brushing. Just had my daughters 10th birthday party sunday with 16 girls over... I...