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  1. CJadamec

    Moving photo attachments into my gallery

    So I just realized that all the photos I use are just done as attachments and I never pushed them into my gallery. Is there an easy way get the attachments I have into my gallery?
  2. CJadamec

    For those in for a Jam....

    I suggest you try the strawberry variety...
  3. CJadamec

    I need help deciding

    Im looking into getting a SWG this year and I need help picking between three circupool models. The SJ30, RJ30, and universal 40 would all fit my pool just fine but I can't figure out if all the bells and whistles on the RJ model are worth the extra cost. Or if the universal is a budget way to...
  4. CJadamec

    The snow brings Syrup season

    Any other of you northerners out there with pools getting geared up for some maple syrup? I put my little worker bees hard to work running tubing today for this year's season.
  5. CJadamec

    Tier 3 of the backyard expansion: The Playset

    After a few hard weekends of work the kids new play area has been finished. Even got the pool up to 75 this weekend got the first swim in April not too shabby for the Northeast coastline.
  6. CJadamec

    Plumbing for solar heater and heatpump

    So maybe I'm overthinking this a tad but I'm unsure of the best way to add a solar collector to supplement my heat pump. I want to run the solar panel in parallel with my heat pump so I'm worried about putting too much pressure or flow into the solar panel. The solar panel is going to be rack...
  7. CJadamec

    Another sparkling water post

    It looked too nice the other day not to share. Just borates bleach and cya in the water and trouble free all summer.
  8. CJadamec

    Another very satisfied TFP customer

    I found this site while looking for info before building my pool and have found the answers to questions before I even knew I had to ask them. The people here are very helpful and patient. The information is backed by solid science and real world knowledge. I'm still working on the decks and...
  9. CJadamec

    Pentair lil shark does it do more than just look cute?

    I noticed that very is very little said about these units and was curious if there was any opinions. A robot seems like overkill for just having a flat bottomed above ground pool.
  10. CJadamec

    Adding borax to adjust ph of initial fill

    I will be filling my pool with well water. My well water has a low ph of 5.8 right from the well. I actually have a calcite filter to raise the ph of the water in the house which I will be bypassing when I fill the pool. My question is since I will have known acidic water to start with and want...