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  1. ivyleager

    New Vinyl Liner Separation?

    Good day everyone. I recently had my liner replaced several months ago by initial pool builder. As I was paddling around the pool this morning I noticed this split in the seam. Fairly certain this is NOT how it's supposed to be. Can this be patched/fixed? I'm pretty handy, but not sure if this...
  2. ivyleager

    pH rise.....and rise again

    Current test reading, Taylor kit: FC: 5 TC: 5 TA: 100 pH: 8.2 (was 7.5 Monday) **added 6 cups 31% MA, will retest at noon and add more if needed, which I think it will be. CYA: 50 CH: ~200....this test kills me. Faint pink/red, 23 drops later MAYBE a hint of blue). Recently had my 14yr old...
  3. ivyleager

    New liner - start-up metals info needed

    Just switched out my 16yr old 20mil liner last week for a new 28mil as it was quite faded and had some water under it in deep end. I was able to fill my pool 16yrs ago from well and never had issues until years ago when I had staining; treated it and kept it at bay for the most part. No staining...
  4. ivyleager

    10+ yr old motor died

    I currently have a 10 yr old Sta-Rite Dura Glas II 1HP one speed motor that died this weekend. Actually rather surprised it has made it this far. I run a pump pretty much 24/7 in the heat of the summer for max water turnover. I only have one skimmer return and if I reduce run time I have water...
  5. ivyleager

    Unable to view threads prior to early May

    I return to find that I am unable to access threads posted prior to May 13 2016. Does this have something to do with the new "supporter" levels? Or is it a forum default?
  6. ivyleager

    Swamp to Gorgeous in 8 days!

    Opened my pool last Friday April 24 and knew it was going to be bad so no surprise really. However, never had algae this bad nor climbing the walls all the way to water line. Since I couldn't see the bottom of deep end, I didn't know what was down there. Scooped out LOTS of debris: leaves, pine...
  7. ivyleager

    Foaming Clorox??

    I went to add Clorox yesterday to pool (via skimmer) and noticed about halfway thru the pour that I was getting what I would call sudsy foam. I have NEVER seen this before. I looked at the bottle and it states: Clorox regular, Splash-Less. I never noticed this before, and all my other Clorox...
  8. ivyleager

    Chlorine demand

    Is there a general time frame when water holds chlorine after ascorbic acid treatment? Also, my pH is continually rising. (assuming d/t all the bleach I'm adding). I'm going on 3 weeks post treatment and I STILL have bleach being consumed very quickly in my pool. I generally add bleach every...
  9. ivyleager

    Stains, but how/why?

    Imagine my :shock: when I pulled back the mesh cover and found stains. I've never had any metals in my water, and my house water (fill water) was tested YEARS ago and was negative for metals. However, the Vit C tablet test is positive. The only place that doesn't have stains is where the small...
  10. ivyleager

    pH Phenol Red Taylor reagents R-004 and R-0014

    I ran out of my Taylor R-0014 ph phenol red indicator reagent, went to pool store and they only had R-004. I've been using R-0014 for years with my original Pool Solutions test kit and refilling as needed when running out. When I used the R-004 reagent, the resulting color was WAY more...
  11. ivyleager

    Bug Zappers for Mean Horse Flies!

    How do I convince hubby that installing (meaning him doing the work) a bug zapper is in his own best interest? We seem to have more horse flies this year, and earlier than usual. Kids and I have been chased from the pool 3x already and MOMMA AIN'T HAPPY ABOUT THAT! I brought up the subject of...
  12. ivyleager

    Master control for pool electronics needed?

    Here's my pool electronics set up below. I desperately want to add a swg but don't want another ugly box on my house, and am looking to hopefully have an integrated panel. I'd rather have as few electrical boxes as possible. I don't have water features, dedicated booster pump, just bare...
  13. ivyleager

    Mustard/Yellow algae and pool equipment

    :wave: Trying to get rid of stubborn mustard algae which I've been thinking has been tree pollen and/or regular algae. I've used 25+ lg jugs of chlorine so far this season and I'm getting ready to put in some Yellow Klear tomorrow. I have extra jugs of bleach on hand. Filter running 24/7 for 3...
  14. ivyleager

    It Happens To The Best of Us: pool schooled AND algae!

    So I pull back the solar cover and instantly think: "when was the last time I added chlorine?" Not good. Green everywhere. Immediately added 5 174oz bottles of bleach, and brushed, brushed, brushed. However, on the positive side, my water is a toasty 83 degrees! But, on a negative side, with the...
  15. ivyleager

    Safari Pictures

    Well, seeing as I've not posted my safari pixs, here they are. Enjoy. ... %20Safari/
  16. ivyleager

    Mulitport valve very hard to turn

    Hey all, My 5 year old multiport valve atop my sandfilter has begun to sqeak and is very hard to turn. Kind of like what I would image plastic grating on plastic to sound like. Is there a way to lube this thing without taking it apart? I have no manual.............did at one time but I filed it...
  17. ivyleager

    view new posts vs. view active topics

    Hey guys, I'm recovering from bilateral cataract surgery and find scrolling thru the "view new posts" format a bit stressful on the eyes. Am I getting the same posts when I instead scroll thru "view active topics"? That format is much less stressful on my eyes. It may be that I need reading...
  18. ivyleager

    PoolBuster problem

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey y'all, Just received my PBCGMax back from WaterTech for servicing last week. Used it today for first time. I did not get any explanation via phone or insert in return box as to what work, if any, was done...
  19. ivyleager

    This is a first for me!

    Well, actually it's the second tom I've ever taken, but the first one I got TOTALLY on my own. Hubby took daughter to soccer game in the morning so I could go out an try calling me a turkey. (Hubby has filled his 2 turkey tags for the year). Went up to our lease and was in the woods by 6am, and...
  20. ivyleager

    Can cold water affect speed of Polaris 360??

    Hey y'all. Water quite cold still, put the Polaris 360 in the pool this weekend. It just seems to move very slowly primarily in the deep end, tail also very still and not a lot of sweeping action. Turned the knob for the tail without much success, but only turned it a smidge. I'm chicken, and...
  21. ivyleager

    Intermatic timer trippers

    Does anyone know where I can find the timer trippers? Well, actually one of the tripper screws fell into the mulch just below the timer and I've spent 1 1/2 hour looking for it. I give up!!!! Home Depot tried to give me some trippers out of a timer box, but I felt that was stealing. They had no...
  22. ivyleager

    Opening: priming pump & filling filter

    The yellow and green stuff is falling from the trees, the water temp is on the rise, and it's time to open or the pool will soon turn into a swamp. Since I drained filter/pump/lines this year, I dread the endless amount of time it takes to refill the filter with water, having to open pump to...
  23. ivyleager

    Possible freeze damage

    Count me as one of the affected. One of my winter concerns has now come true: Well, freezing temps and a drop light w/ tarp over pump, basket, fliter has not proven worthy of my attempts to keep them from freezing. Water in pool, on top of mesh cover and skimmer is fine...not frozen. We had to...
  24. ivyleager

    Draining filter, pump

    I live in Raleigh, Durham NC (yes, it's actually a town). For the past several years I've covered my pool with mesh safety cover (dumb dog still tries to go across at least once). But, I don't drain water from filter or pump. If the temp drops below 30, I'll run out and flip the pump breaker...
  25. ivyleager

    Battle of the leaves

    Should have put the cover on yesterday. It was a balmy 78 degrees here in Raleigh-Durham. But alas, the post Turkey clean-up and sleepiness did us in. Kept telling myself this year that we'll put the cover on before the leaves start to fall, which coincides with hunting season down here. Last...
  26. ivyleager

    Cubs Win!!!!! NOT

    Well, holy cow, they did it to me again. Lifelong Cubbie fan, and my heart isn't broken this time. Heck, it didn't even get a beat. Not like 2003..... :cry: Is Ryne Sandberg still married????? Dam. Actually, his son was on the Durham Bulls AAA ball team down here several years ago. Have no clue...
  27. ivyleager

    Polaris 360 hose connectors & hose nut problems

    My new Polaris 360 is cleaning pool quite nicely. However, I am continually having water leaking out of the hose connections. When I attempted to tighten, as per manual, they pretty much all broke. Pool store tech guy came out and also attempted to fix leaking. He broke some too. He did order me...
  28. ivyleager

    Pool Pixs

    This picture is after the first day of excavation mid-June This picture is after landscaping early March; then the following summer with summer foliage
  29. ivyleager

    High CYA and burning skin

    I was recently at a friend's pool and my daughter experienced red, burning, irritated skin. It didn't happen while we were in the pool, but when we were home and changed out of the suits. Also, I noticed that the water had a strange smell (not chlorine-like) and tasted absolutely horrible. This...