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    FC vs CYA levels (new setup)

    Setting up my new Intex Saltwater pool. My SWG manual says ideal CYA is 20-40, and ideal FC is 3.0. However, the TFP Chlorine/CYA Chart (Chlorine / CYA Chart - Trouble Free Pool) has very different numbers, citing an ideal FC level of 5 at a CYA level of 70. Almost double what the manual says...
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    New pool owner, question about order of startup

    Hi TFP, thanks for providing such a great resource. I've been reading and trying to understand as much as possible but still have a couple of questions. First the basics, New vinyl Intex XTR pool. 4550 gallons. Freshly filled from the hoses. Combination pump/filter/SWG - Intex CG 26679. Got...