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  1. J

    Pool filling itself :)

    Thank you guys for feeling the need to make me aware that magical water creation is not real - can't get anything by you. The bucket test is a great idea - thanks TSTEX!
  2. J

    Pool filling itself :)

    Thanks guys and gals! I have a manual fill valve but no auto fill valve. I have to manually turn the spigot on like a hose... which I have not done all year and it is not leaking. My water bill is lower this year since I am not putting water in. I have checked my water usage report when I knew...
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    Pool filling itself :)

    I have a situation that was described on a previously abandoned thread that never produced a good solution. I have owned a home with an inground pool in the desert of CA for 2 years. I have not filled my pool once this summer and the water level remains the same or rises - - no cracks in the...
  4. J

    Pool is filling up by itself!

    I have the same exact situation that a few people describe here and I also live in the desert in CA. No idea where the water comes from, but this theory could make sense. Since it is hot during the day and cool at night the pool releases heat at night and gets cold. During the next day, humid...