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    CPO Course

    I am not sure where the best place for this question is... I have had a pool at home since 2004 and have been doing BBB since 2006. Although I don't consider myself an expert, I am comfortable explaining BBB to others as well as other pool chemistry questions. Several months ago I accepted a...
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    Vacs for Above ground pool what do you have

    Originally had an Aqua didn't do a very good job. Next I bought a Lil Shark. It works well when I use the suction cleaner. I also bought a leaf trap to put inline with it. The beginning of last season, I bought a Pool Rover Jr. I Love the robot. It cleans so much better than the...
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    Swimming in Green/Cloudy Water

    We used a fitness ball. It was blown up 3 winters ago and remains full of air.
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    cracks under liner

    I have what I believe are mole trails under my AGP. They showed up 4-5 years ago. Other than dirt settling in the ditches, we have had no issues. My robot takes care of the dirt. I haven't noticed any new ditches with the cracks this year - we are in NW Missouri, so not far from you.
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    Kids in the pool

    FYI - people can drown in less than 60 seconds. With that said, a friend and I swam without adults present from about 8 yrs old on.
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    Kids in the pool

    All interesting perspectives. I agree with the never alone rule - that is one I teach in my lessons. This is the first year that they are allowed to get in before an adult, but only if they ask first. I guess I will know when the time is right for being out there without an adult, but it...
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    Kids in the pool

    While soaking up Vitamin D yesterday, I started thinking about what age would be appropriate for the kids to be in the pool without a parent/responsible adult out there too. I know that this is highly subjective based on each kid, but what age did you (with older kids) think it was OK? For...
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    Toy storage on AGP deck

    I like this idea, but we just take all the toys indoors when we are done each day. It is a pain, but the toys have lasted for 6 years without getting destroyed by the sun. All my friends with pools have to replace all their toys every 1-2 years because of the sun.
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    Swimming in Green/Cloudy Water

    I am in NW MO. We left the cover off one year because we thought the same thing you did - too much work cleaning off the cover and then dropping a bunch of leaves and dirty water in the pool. NEVER again. After that year I found this I...
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    Solid wood cover for winter

    I use a mesh cover and a homemade version of this: It helps prevent so many leaves on top of the cover. I have 2 large maple trees that shade my pool and many other trees around it.
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    Solar Heater Performance??

    I have a similar setup except we are not hard plumbed and have a regular AGP. My solar heaters are lying on the ground on the east side of my pool. My pool was 102 when we got home at 4:40pm today. The solar blanket is staying off tonight. I have 100% of the water going through the panels...
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    Big Dent in bottom of pool

    I have what I think are mole trails under my liner. I first noticed them 5 years ago. There are a lot of trails, but I have not noticed any liner damage.
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    Pool Fencing / ladder, gate

    Keep in mind that with fencing like that it is nearly impossible to manually vacuum or brush the pool.
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    Winter cover for Above Ground pool

    I usually shop around and buy the one that is the least expensive. Lately I have found items on to be less expensive than almost anywhere. Sometimes the items are even shipped directly from a store that had a higher price to shop directly from.
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    No drain holes in solar cover?

    I've not had one with holes. I have never had mine sink - even with 4 inches of rain one night. I can see where the holes might let the small amounts of water on top drain out when rolling it up, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
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    I have no clue what to do

    I did watch your video, and it appears similar to the issue I have. The color of mine is usually sand colored but sometimes green - especially when the crops across the road are pollinating. I don't know about the use of the pump/filter or not. I have mine on a timer to come on early morning...
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    I have no clue what to do

    I have a similar issue, but I live on a dirt road with field crops all around. I have determined that my problem is silt/dust from the road mixed with pollen. Just thought I would mention this just in case.
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    Another "Is it algae or is it dirt?" thread....

    My "green dust" is back. Weather is extremely dry. Corn in the fields is tasseling. FC levels have never dropped below 5. CC levels are 0. I think it is pollen/silt mixture.
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    Stiff hair after swimming

    At the one pool, swimmers are required to take showers before swimming. They get their showers before stretching so it is 10-20 minutes between shower and swim - they still end up with stiff hair. One daughter always takes a shower and washes/conditions her hair before leaving the locker room...
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    Stiff hair after swimming

    Not sure the best place for this question, but what causes stiff hair after swimming? I have tried to narrow it down to what causes it, but I have been unsuccessful. My girls hair is always stiff after swimming - when they don't immediately wash their hair. This occurs in our home pool, and...
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    Thoughts on AGP fences ?

    I can't imagine trying to vacuum with one of those....or put on a solar cover.
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    Another "Is it algae or is it dirt?" thread....

    I have had this same issue for 3 years now. To complicate matters, I live on a dirt road with soy and corn fields all around. Very little dirt/dust/pollen/algae accumulates on the solar cover, but it does on the bottom of the pool. I have also kept yellow algae shock levels because that was a...
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    I may be a chemist... but the pool is smarter than I am!

    Menards will have their liquid chlorine on sale 50% off every few weeks - at least they did last year and I have seen it on sale already once this year. Watch for it and stock up.
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    How many use ladder mats?

    We bought a shower pan liner and cut it to size. I don't know if it is really needed as my steps have wide feet. I do have issues with it sliding out of place and with it getting slimy.
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    Leak around return

    For those interested - patching the hole worked fine.
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    Leak around return

    Thanks. We are going to try the patch - actually a double patch.
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    Leak around return

    Long story short.....we used to have an Aqualuminator installed in the return. We never used the light because we don't like fighting the mosquitoes at night when swimming. I always hated trying to fill the vacuum hose with the light fixture, so we decided to take out the light fixture and put...
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    RX Kids swim eye goggles?

    I either buy them off or Amazon. They are less than $20.
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    Anyone Using a Mesh Winter Cover?

    I have used a mesh cover for several years now in conjunction with a homemade version of this. I do not lie the cover on the water put pull it as tight as I can. I have been very happy with the micro-mesh cover. What color the pool is in the spring has more to do with the water temps after...
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    The eliminator Pool cover, anyone use them?

    I have not had problems with dirt sifting through the cover - I live on a dirt road and the prevailing winds blow the road dust right to my pool. Algae can form in a pool whose FC=0 and the water temp is above 60. It is recommended here not to cover until the water temp is below 60 and to open...