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    I just ordered the TF-100. In the meantime I’m using the Taylor K-1000. I also recently switched from tablets to liquid chlorine. Over the last couple of days our pool has been full of tiny black bugs (they look like small flies), also the skimmer was full of them. I’ve been cleaning the pool...
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    Dead pump

    I turned on the pump and it started making a loud noise and not working. I shut it off, tried to turned it on again and nothing happened (no noise or work). I reset the breaker and now the low speed works fine but on high it just makes a strange noise.
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    Pump running time

    I live in TX and just moved to a house with a pool. How do I know how long the pump should run on high/low? I know it has to run longer on the summer, but need to adjust how long it’ll run and the time when it’ll turn on. We have a 2 speed pump. Does it matter the time of the day that it’s on?
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    PH and alkalinity

    My water tested Alaklinity: 60 pH: 7.7 Free chlorine: 6.9 How do I increase alkalinity without increasing pH?