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    Kreepy Krauly Legend VS. Legend II

    Hello all - Which is a better choice Kreepy Krauly Legend VS. Legend II?
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    Color of CL test has turned orange

    After the pool being out of commission for 2 1/2 weeks, because of pump and a leaky filter, We finally installed a new Pentair pump and filter. Thanks to this board. :goodjob: While installing the system, We noticed the water was turning to a greenish, yellow color and also saw algae...
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    Whisperflo WFDS-6 and Intermatic PE153 (Digital Timer)

    Where can I find the wiring diagram for the connection of Whisperflo WFDS-6 (230V) 1.5HP 2 speed Pump and Intermatic PE153 (Digital Timer) for a 2 speed operation. I would appreciate a reply back. Thank you.
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    Pentair - FNS, SMBW or Quad Filter

    It's time to change my pump and DE filter. I am planing to purchase a 2 speed, 1 1/2HP, Full rated, WhisperFlo (Model WFDS-6). I am confused over choosing which filter to purchase. Which is a more preferred and better filter for my environment. There are no trees or gardening around the...