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    cost of SWG vs manual liquid chlorine

    greetings salt people. :) So I'm wondering is there a cost savings here for SWG over manual dosing, or is this just a preference/convenience thing? I'm wondering because I've always done my own pool using liquid chlorine 10% and use maybe 40 gal/yr and $3.50/gal or say $150, plus of course...
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    alternative to WFDS-24 115v 2 speed pump?

    Ques for the pump gurus: I have determined that the whisperflo WFDS-24 115V 1HP pump is perfect for my older pool application. It fits my older exisiting 1.5HP pump curve quite well. I'm not really interested in spending another $450 on an Intelliflo VS pump since my needs are minimum. (ie...