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  1. plucky71

    Black stains fiberglass pool bad heat exchanger

    Hello all, My fiberglass pool is getting black stains. I am pretty sure that it is from the heat exchanger. When I don't run water through the heater I don't get the stains. When I do, I do get stains. I have tested this over a few seasons. I bought the heater used so I am assuming the...
  2. plucky71

    What type of caulk to use

    I have to replace the caulk that is around the edge of my pool. It is used to caulk the gap from where the cement pad meets up to the fiberglass pool. The original Caulk appears to be a clear silicone. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what type of caulk I should use after I remove the...
  3. plucky71

    How to cover ladder hole in cement

    I have an opening, or a socket, in the cement pad next to my pool for the inground ladder is supposed to go. Does anyone have any suggestions for a way to cover up these sockets because I'm not going to be using the ladder.
  4. plucky71

    REMINDER...Do Not Mix Chemicals

    Unfortunately, I was recently able to witness the effects of mixing pool chemicals together. I responded to a call for help that was caused by mixing Calcium Hypoclorite (Cal Hypo) and Black Algaecide- Trichloroisocyanuric Acid(Trichlor?) together. I do not know if water was introduced to the...
  5. plucky71

    My pump runs 4 hr/day. Can I use a SWG?

    I am considering purchasing a SWG. So, with my pump run time being only four hours per day, will it work? Is there a minimum run time needed? Thanks :-D
  6. plucky71

    Electrical shock from my pool water!

    Have you ever heard of such a thing? I am actually getting shocked from my pool water. I reached my hand into the skimmer basket and received a electrical shock. I am able to duplicate it all around the entire pool. I only feel the shock if I have some type of cut on my hand and the shock...
  7. plucky71

    Is it okay to use magic eraser on fiberglass?

    Is it okay to use magic eraser on fiberglass? I am trying to clean up the water line? Does it damage the surface? Does it mess up the water?
  8. plucky71

    Can I remove my light niche for cleaning?

    I can see algae inside my light niche's. I'm wondering if I can remove them for cleaning. The light power unit is super vision international series 250H. I think it is considered fiber optic lighting. The niche is about the same size as a return fitting. It has a clear plastic lens with two...
  9. plucky71

    How does anti-freeze affect pool water?

    How does anti-freeze affect pool water? When I winterized I used 6 gallons of RV antifreeze. Upon opening I removed some of it, but that leaves at least a few gallons in the system. After shocking for two weeks I still get a faint odor of the antifreeze. The pool is crystal clear and the FC is...
  10. plucky71

    Is schedule 80 & check valve needed?

    Hello, I was given a used pool heater that I am hooking up to my pool. I have two questions. Do I need to use schedule 80 pvc for the first 2 feet before and after the heater? Do I need to install a check valve? Check valve- I only use liquid chlorine that I am adding by hand. I would...
  11. plucky71

    Trouble lowering my CC's

    Hello. I recently did an ascorbic acid treatment. Apparently I also got an algae bloom along with it. New to me. So now I have been shocking the pool for six days. The pool looks great but I seem to be having a hard time getting the CC's lower. Six days ago CC was at 3.0. One day later it...
  12. plucky71

    AA treatment for almost two weeks now

    I have been doing the AA treatment for almost two weeks now. I think the stains finally lifted after using lots of AA and then lots of extra strength stain free. It turned cloudy so I'm not positive. I'm trying to clear up the cloudiness now. I am using the culater product and it is turning...
  13. plucky71

    I'm adding dichlor but my CYA is not increasing?

    Hello all. Here is my question/situation. I'm adding dichlor but my CYA does not seem to be going up as it should be. I opened my Michigan pool to dark dirty water. So I'm in the process of shocking it. I was assuming my CYA to be low or zero after the winter. I did not test it because the...
  14. plucky71

    Any alternatives to water tubes/bags

    Does anyone have any good alternatives to using water tubes or water bags? I have seen a product called aquablocks. I also saw someone suggest 5 gallon buckets of water. Just...
  15. plucky71

    Fiberglass pool with blisters-Bleach is the cause?

    I'm not sure where to post this topic? Sorry if it shouldn't be here. Well I successfully used the BBB method for a complete season that started with a completely green swamp for a pool. So I thought that was a good thing until today. Now I'm questioning it? I talked with the manufacturer...
  16. plucky71

    Metal staining- not sure where it came from and what to do

    I have metal stains all around the pool. It can mostly be seen when the water level lowers a bit. It is from the waterline down about 18". I am on city water and I don't think we have metals in the water. Before I got the pool working this year, it had been sitting for four years unused...
  17. plucky71

    Should I raise my CYA level?

    I'm trying to figure out this CYA level thing. Right now my CYA is at 35. It is within specs recommended on this site. But I do get direct sunlight from sun up to down, so maybe I should have it higher as it is recommended for full sunlight? And I am also wondering about chlorine use in...
  18. plucky71

    Am I done shocking? If yes, now what?

    I'm wondering if I am done shocking. Here are my current test results as of this a.m. FC 22.5 CC .5 TC 23 PH 7.3 TA 70 CH 100 Last nights FC was 23.5 The pool does look clear to me. However I have only seen it as black/green in the past. My test results from Monday (3...
  19. plucky71

    Help with chlorine amounts

    Hello, I am planning on shocking my pool today. It has been unused and uncovered for at least four years. I have all of the debris out of it. It actually doesn't look that bad right now compared to a week ago. Anyway, I added cya and got the level up. Now I want to start adding chlorine and...
  20. plucky71

    Pump purchase advice

    I'm looking to purchase a new pump. I don't know the HP of the old pump. The sticker is gone. Please see below for more pool specifics. I have found a used WhisperFlo pump locally for a good price. My concern with it is that it is oversized for my pool. It is a 1 HP model WF-4C...
  21. plucky71

    Ripped D.E. elements-can I still use them?

    My D.E. elements are old and have some small tears (1" or less) and overall deterioration. Probably about six total. At this point I am trying to find out what equipment works and then hopefully start filtering my green pool. Can I use the current elements for now? I will plan on replacing...
  22. plucky71

    Starting to work on a green pool

    I am about to start the process of working on a green pool. I now have water test results. TDS 50 CYA 0 TC 0.3 FC 0.3 pH 7.0 TA 25 Adj. TA 25 Total Hardness 50 Metals 0 So I have read and re-read the thread on how to do it. My questions are as follows: 1- Do I increase TA at...
  23. plucky71

    When can you swim after "shocking"

    Just a general question. No specifics at this time. Just thinking ahead. I am a new pool owner and I am wondering at what point in the shock process is it safe to swim in the water? My understanding is that if you are actively shocking and the FC is being used up, that means that the...
  24. plucky71

    Using BBB and an inline chlorinator

    I am trying to get my pool up and running and plan on using the BBB system. Thank you for all of the great information on this site. Thank you for pool school. So here is my question. With my work schedule I will regularly be away from home for 24 hours at a time. How do I handle not...
  25. plucky71

    How to repair inlet/return jet on a fiberglass pool?

    Hello, Here are some pictures of a broken inlet on my fiberglass pool. One of the pictures is of some parts I was given to repair it. There is also some type of two part putty/epoxy that I am supposed to use for the repair. My question is do you think these parts will be sufficient to do the...