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    Oops! Nearly drained my pool empty. How low can I keep it for Michigan winter?

    So I drained the pool yesterday for winter and forgot. It's nearly completely empty, the main drain plumbing height is what kept about a foot of water in it. My question is, how much water do I need to keep in the pool for winter? I'll probably put water up to that level and call it good.
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    Help - No or Low flow from pump

    My saltwater generator has been saying low flow often. I cleaned the filter yesterday. I came out this morning, it says low flow and I feel little water coming out the return. I take things apart and keep turning the pump off and on looking for maybe something clogged, this didn't go too great...
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    Tree hit my pool. Very little damage but looking for advice.

    Ice storm last Sunday dropped the top 3rd of my neighbors tree and it hit my pool. It doesn't look like much damage, but it is damaged. The pool is only 3 yrs old and I'm bummed cause it was a nice pool. It's damaged in 3 spots. 1st is a 2' area that is creased and pushed the pool wall in about...
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    How much did you pay for electrical & bonding?

    How much was it to get the electrical installed for your AGP? Looking for a price that includes the trenching, wiring & bonding. No Heater or anything special, trenched about 70'. With or without inspection costs?
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    Nicest or coolest intex pool installs?

    Anyone have pics or links to some cool intex pool installs? I seen a couple on here in the past but having trouble finding them. One was a small backyard in Europe with a square intex, upgraded pump, returns and heater. Think it had some astroturf lawn. Another one I seen was in a guy's...
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    Winter pool covers what one do I need?

    I'm going to be buying a cover from INYO. What one do I need?! for a 24' AG round they have; 1. 8yr Denalie for $60 2. 15yr for $100 3. 20yr Everest for $130 What the difference going to be? Also do all these covers stop water coming in or do some let water in?
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    Stabilizer rail rust prevention?

    3rd season with my saltwater pool. I noticed rust on my stabilizer rails. It's just a few spots and not bad at this point but only going to get worse. Do they make a wax or something I can run on my rails to help protect and condition them? Wax is the only thing I can think of, can't grease...
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    Bypass Check Valve (5lb) question.

    I have to install one of these for my heat pump My questions are.. Do these wear out and should I use threaded fittings or its fine to just glue it in? I have shut off valves at the In and Out of my heater. If I shut both valves is it fine for the full force of my pump to run through the...
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    Guessing my pumps GPM for a heat pump.

    There is no way my pump is putting out more the 70gpm right? My new heat pump is 70gpm max or I have to plumb in a bypass. **The following is what I started to write before I realized I'm probably fine. Please verify I'm gonna be ok. ;) I don't think there is an easy answer for this without...
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    Curious on what your FC is upon opening and filling the pool? AGP

    Opened up the pool yesterday and finished today. It was super easy this year! After filling it I ran some tests... FC = 14. I thought that was close enough to perfect. Its high enough to give me a day to get the salt mixed and the SWG turned on. I won't be adding any shock or chlorine...
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    All the info for an AGP heater. Natural Gas

    We are considering a heater for out AGP. I want to plan it and price it out to see if its in a budget we can afford. Stats on the pool are in my signature.We are in Michigan. The has meter is currently 175 cubic ft. per hour. Nothing in my home is gas except the furnace and the home is small...
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    Any Spa Repair knowledge on here. Cracked plumbing help needed w/ video.

    My tub was poorly winterized a couple years ago. I'm trying to fix it. I pulled the tub, located the leak, flip the tub and cut the insulation away. I'm having issues with removing the 90* fitting and how it's attached through the spa wall. I think I would need to totally remove and replace...
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    Did I damage my SWG or just the cell?

    I added about 200lb of salt this year and forgot to shut the generator off. I also mixed much of the salt by pushing it towards the main drain. This is only my 2nd year with the pool and I really screwed up here. Its a Hayward Salt and Swim. Its been acting up ever sense. The Standby LED is...
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    Curious on the K-1000 vs TF-100 Chlorine results.

    Help me understand this more. The K-1000 tests Total Chlorine and the TF-100 is Free Chlorine, what is the difference? I'm asking because when I run the K-1000 test it indicates a deep yellow and an over 10+ reading. It makes me think my chlorine is too high. Then I run the TF-100 an its...
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    Pool liner popped off in a spot. J-Hook. How to I fix?

    I notice last year closing the pool my liner was popped off. Now its time to open and I want to fix it. I figure I have to drain nearly the whole pool to fix but wanted to show you guys and get all the advice I can. Thank you! Edit: Today and tomorrow its only 68 degrees if that make much of a...
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    AGP, Main drain winterization. Just pour antifreeze down the main?

    Michigan above ground pool. From my understanding, I just poor RV antifreeze down the plumbing the heads to the main drain. Once I start to see antifreeze coming out of both the main drains into the pool water, I simply shut the valve locking in the antifreeze. Antifreeze is heavy enough to...
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    Gas heater for saltwater pools? And size heater needed?

    What type of heater should we be looking for with a saltwater pool? What size should we be looking for? About 15,000g AG in Michigan. I found a possibly 1yr old used Jandy Lite2 for $500. Not sure on the size yet the lady is going to get back with me when she finds out. From a quick google...
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    Pvc pool cooler/sprayer/waterfall, do we need to worry about algae?

    If you have one of those DIY pvc sprayers and rarely use it, could it be a spot for algae to grow?
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    Got some algea and got some questions.

    Pool water looks good but I had the brush out to brush some freshly added salt around and I noticed a cloud of green come off the floor. I brushed the whole pool and a cloud of green came up at every new area I brushed and you could noticeably tell it was brighter and cleaner in the brushed...
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    DuraCube Pros pick salt, can I use this in my pool?

    Just like the title says. My local water softener company has Duracube and its 99.4% pure or better with no additive or rust inhibitor. It costs $8.90 for a 50lb bag. I talked to the guy on the phone he said they don't sell pool salt, but its 99.8% pure with no additives. I think it comes in...
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    Tested my buddys pool, help us get it back in action.

    My buddy has been having pool issues. I took the tf-100 and ran the tests... Cl= 0 Ph = 8.2 Ch = 500+ TA = 190 Cya = 0 Salt = 1200ppm 24" AG, 13500 gallons, cartridge filter, ionizer. I told him to add 4g of liquid chlorine and 6lbs of stabilizer. Didn't tell him to get muriatic acid, but I...
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    Stabilizer .. dissolved it fast?

    I need nearly 10lbs of stabilizer in my pool. I just put about 4lbs in some knee high panty hose. I put that in the skimmer basket and massaged it for about 10 minutes and it has about dissolved! I'm going to put another 4 lbs in the panty hose and drop it in the skimmer again. Should I...
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    First TF-100 test result.

    TF-100 kit came today and of course was excited to put it to use. PH = 7.2 BR = 4 FC = 2 CC = 0 TC =2 CH = 550 TA = 220 CYA = 0 Salt = 2800 Overall not too bad? I have been working on the TA with muriatic acid for a couple weeks now. We put about 3 gallons of acid in so far. I'd...
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    Which Ebay solar heater would you buy?

    Wifie is making me order solar heaters... so far these are my 2 options. (If you have others I should consider please post them.) 1.) http://...
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    New AGP, PoolSkim, aerator, filter and SWG

    Wanted to post my pool. Never owned a pool before so its all new to me. I had the pool installed by a pool guy, he did all the plumbing too. I did the electrical, its a 120v pump, but its prep'd for 240v, just in case. From left to right we have receptacle box, SWG controller, digital timer...
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    Solar cover & foam core pipe questions.

    Couple questions, I have a 24' round pool. The solar cover as 1 piece is too much to handle. I hate it with a passion. 1.) I found a place that has 1.5" foam core PVC. I didn't ask if they have 1" foam core, if they do have 1" I might get that. I've read people having problems with 3/4" but...
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    Used pool cleaners in my area... any of these look good?

    I want an automatic pool cleaner, robot thingie for my pool but I can't really afford one right now. :( Maybe I can afford a used 1. Here's a few used cleaners I found on craigslist in my area. Are any of these a good deal?
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    Ordering a test kit, double check my order!? :)

    My pool just over a month old and I'm ready to order my test kit. I was going to order the TF-100 w/ the Taylor K-1766 Salt Test (Add $21.95 ) Does this look good and any other tests or equipement you would recommend? Pool stats in sig. TY!
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    Air in filter?

    Hi guys, New pool guy here and glad to be part of the site. I have a couple questions regarding my filter/pump setup. 1st question, my return hose seems to leak at the house clamp, its a small drip, I tightened the hose clamp but still seems to drip. Any tips to fix this? 2nd question is...