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  1. cptkirk

    Gas supply line issues for pool heater

    I've been troubleshooting a problem I've been having with intermittent failure to ignite issues with my Hayward H400FDN (which are detailed in another thread), and in the process have been taking a good look at the installation/service manual and comparing it with how my system was installed...
  2. cptkirk

    Quick question on igniter for Hayward 400FDN heater

    When energized, the igniter on my heater glows from the tip to about halfway down the shaft. Is this normal, or would I expect it to glow down closer to the base?
  3. cptkirk

    Who needs a flame sensor for a Hayward IDL series heater?

    I recently ordered a flame sensor for my Hayward H400FDN heater, and the kit also came with a sensor for the IDL series heaters. I don't have any use for it, but if you need it let me know what model you have and if it's on the list of compatible heaters I'll send it to you.
  4. cptkirk

    Intermittent ignition failures on Hayward 400FDN heater

    Most of the time, the heater fires up like it should. But often when we have significant rainfall or conditions are very damp, I'll get the IF code. From the sound of things, the flame comes on momentarily but then immediately goes out. When things dry out, it will work normally again. What can...
  5. cptkirk

    Poolsmith CO2 injection for pH control

    Doesn't appear to be much discussion about this system on the forum. Am seriously considering ordering one of these. I'm typically adding about a quart of acid every 3 to 4 days in my 20k gallon SWG pool. Not a lot of fun, plus if we travel for more than a week or so I need to hire someone to...
  6. cptkirk

    If FC is well controlled in SWG pool at relatively low percentage run time, do I really need more CYA?

    My outdoor salt pool is a little over 3 years old. I'm typically keeping the CYA level around 30 which is much lower than recommended here, but find that I only need to run the SWG at 10 - 15% about 8 hours a day in the summer to keep the FC level around 3 ppm. The pool is used every day in...
  7. cptkirk

    Temperature reading 78F on all sensors

    Have a salt water pool with Hayward Omnilogic controller. Yesterday for no apparent reason my system went into freeze protect on both the filter pump and water feature pump even though the air temperature was in the 60's. Tried power cycling the controller a couple of times to no effect. I...
  8. cptkirk

    Can't increase temperature on Hayward H400FD Heater

    Have something strange happening with my Hayward heater (about 3 years old). A couple days ago, we had a heavy rain and when my wife went to turn the heater on right afterwards from the Omnilogic app, it didn't fire. Went outside to check on it, and it was displaying an IF code. That's happened...