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    I want a swg pool wife wants chlorine ? ? ?

    I know, I know, happy wife Happy life!!!! However, I'm the one that will be maintaining it. She is against swg for some of the following reasons - A $1000 more,up front. - Thinks the salt will corrode items (sidewall, upright,etc) quicker than a chlorine pool - A $1000 more, up front. - Less...
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    SWCG vs Ozone

    We currently have an Intex style 16' x 48". After a couple of years of chlorine and the original cartridge filter, I cut in a skimmer, added a sand filter, and SWCG. Quite happy with the salt. Now, we want a hard side 18' x 52". Stopped by local pool company the other day for pricing...
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    Adding a sand filter, cutting in a skimmer, and swg to coleman ultra frame

    Looking for ideas, links, pictures. I've found some on here. Looking for any and all input. Layout, platforms for the units, plumbing ( mainly the skimmer) placement, etc. Had the a\c cartridge filter. The swg is the intex eco7110, the sand filter (received today) is the intex sf80110-1...
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    Sand filter sizing?

    The pool - coleman 16x48. Have been using the stock aquaclear filter/pump #90342. In a couple hours we will be buying a salt system from some friends, they are upsizing their pool, so i don't have that info. They have a 16' also. I want to put a sand filter in place of the aquaclear unit. Was...
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    Newbie saying Hi

    Hi! Proud owner of a free (not actually, we took it down, and then I bought my helper -wife- lunch) 16' x 48" Coleman power steel frame pool.