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    Need someone with ScreenLogic in the DFW area to test something for me...

    Jim, Just tried myself and got the wheel of death then error could not get airport database. Jim
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    Learn from my mistake. Ph dropped from 7.9 to 6.8 overnight. Wtf?

    Tuesday was a busy morning. Had a window crew here. Stone repair crew for outdoor kitchen. And a trim crew for our new cedar patio cover. I was done testing my water and needed to bump ph down from 7.9 to 7.6 per pool math calc I needed 11 ounces. No big deal. Poured it into my pre-marked cup...
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    Pool Is Guzzling Chlorine

    It's Pure Bright brand. They also sell Chlorox that you mentioned. They just started selling this other generic bleach 2 weeks ago. No scents, no additives, and no splash less additives. Confirmed it with the manager. He called the regional buyer in front of me to confirm. I don't use the Clorox...
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    Pool Is Guzzling Chlorine

    Cochran, I live just north of you on the DNT in Frisco. I am going through 3 to 4.5 ppm of FC loss a day. I'm doing an oclt tonight to make sure I'm okay. I just got my cya down to 50 from 70 on Monday and going strictly bleach. Check Costco. They have pure bright bleach 6% for $9.99 for three...
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    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    Loo loo, I'm a newbie as well and posted about my cya mistake and pucks yesterday. I knew better. Your can read and learn from my mistake. I caught it early though. God speed with your endeavors. But my main reason for posting is this. If you can tm Poolio, I can tm LL Pool J. Ha. My wife...
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    I almost screwed the pooch with cya and pucks. And I knew better!

    Richard, thanks for that heads up. pH for the past few weeks was a consistent 7.6. That's a guess because it wasn't 7.5 or 7.8 based on the Taylor tf 100 kit I use. Those dang pucks worked great on pH. I'll adapt and overcome.
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    I almost screwed the pooch with cya and pucks. And I knew better!

    Will do. I test FC, CC, and pH daily and will dose bleach as needed.
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    I almost screwed the pooch with cya and pucks. And I knew better!

    My cya was at 40 just two months ago. I kept using those Dang pucks and it got to 50 a month ago. Still in the zone I said. I mean the tf100 is literally telling me to stop and my logs in pool math are confirming it. But l kept on using the pucks. Sunday, my cya is at 65 and I am now aware of...
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    Large air bubbles in return line. New build

    The sheers haven't been on since October. They say it's the Jacuzzi overflow waterfall i pictured that's aerating the water and that runs when the pump is on with electronic valve settings. Never mind that, the sheers don't run right now. Pics of equipment.
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    Large air bubbles in return line. New build

    Jim, Thanks for the reply. I'll check on the overflow so i can get more water into the skimmer. My thoughts were similar to yours. Trim the overflow cover to be more realistic is one option. To the return issue and bubbles. I'll post a pic. When the eyeball is on, the bubbles came out slowly...
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    Large air bubbles in return line. New build

    Jim, My skimmer is 6 inches tall. At normal fill level, I can have 2.5 inches of water spilling over into the skimmer. That's max level. The reason it's max level is I have a pool over flow on the other side of the pool for ,well, over flow. If I raise the pool to the bottom of that overflow...
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    Large air bubbles in return line. New build

    New here and learning a bunch. Thanks. I'm hoping you can help. I'm getting what I call big bubbles from one return. With the cover on, they appear from behind the cover but when I took it off, the big bubbles are coming from the return pipe. They start big like you see and consistent like a...
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