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    Pool sabotaged by insane neighbor.

    Thankfully our insane neighbor didn't actually damage any of our equipment or the pool itself but while we were on a weekend trip last month, my outdoor camera caught our **insane** neighbor trespassing and dumping three bags of their yard waste in our pool. Leaves, sticks, grass clippings...
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    My numbers are in range -- post-SLAM -- why is there green in my pool?

    It's been 10 days since I passed the OCLT after a six-day SLAM. The water has been crystal clear and I have been testing it daily. FC has never dropped below 5. CC has been 0.0 or 0.5. All my numbers from two hours ago are below the photos. When we came out to swim today, there was a layer of...
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    Menard's liquid shock

    I was just in Menard's and found some "pool shock liquid chlorinator," with 12.5% sodium hypochlorite, double the bleach I've been able to find elsewhere. At $3.55 a gallon this is the cheapest chlorine I've been able to find in my area. I wish I had found this last Friday, I could have saved...
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    Rain coming, currently at tail-end of SLAM

    My water is almost clear and I'm still maintaining SLAM level FC. I have another post tracking that wonderful journey. [emoji16] There is a 65% chance of rain in about 4 hours and I'm wondering if I should throw the cover on the pool?
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    Got my numbers, ready to SLAM. Please help, this is my first time needing to.

    26' Coleman Above Ground with Intex Sand Filter and Intex SWG. FC = 14 CC = 3 TC = 17 Ph = 6.8 CH = 125 TA = 40 CYA ~ 110 (diluted CYA test) Am I right in thinking I'm heading towards at least a 20% drain here because of the insane CYA level? What in the world caused those CYA levels? I...
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    My TF-100 Kit came today, missing something referenced in the instructions

    I don't have a CYA View Tube with a black dot on the bottom! I've very disappointed (actually a bit angry) about this. I shelled out $110 for the kit and SpeedStir and I really need to do a CYA test before starting a proper SLAM, apparently. Now I'm stuck. Can I do the test another way without...
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    Just started a SLAM -- water getting greener in less than an hour?

    I just started a SLAM, and in about 45 minutes my water went from having a greenish-tint to it, to barely being able to see the bottom of the pool. The Chlorine is at SLAM levels, I'm just wondering if it getting greener is normal right after beginning a SLAM?
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    How long before chlorine level is measurable in new SWG pool

    We just set up and filled a Coleman 26' x 52" pool. I'm using a sand filter and SWG (both Intex). I have been running the two for about 18 hours now and the chlorine levels are all still zero. Shouldn't it be something by now? This is my first pool and am wondering if I'm doing it right. How do...
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    Sand Filter Pump, slightly low on sand, will it cause damage or problems short-term?

    I just spent 3 hours driving around trying to find pool sand, everywhere is sold out around me. The sand fill line inside is about 1/2" below the minimum fill line. Will it cause major problems running it just a tad low on sand for a day or two? Thanks!