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    liner repair

    Hi there! Can anyone tell me if this tear in the liner can be repaired or if i need to replace the whole thing? Thank you
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    Can't get rid of Algea

    Hi All. So i'm a huge fan of the BBB method. I evengot two of my neighbors to use it. Last year my pool stayed crystal clear the entire season with ver minimal maintenance or expense. This year, however, i'm having a really hard time with Algea. I can't seem to get rid of it. YES my pool is...
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    High CC

    Hello all. I have been following this site for the past two seasons, this year i decided to take the plunge ditch the pool store and follow the BBB method. The issue i'm having is that my CC levels are very high and have been that way since i opened. Now i know that i'm supposed to keep shocking...