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    Need programming Generator

    Good day everyone in pool land. This is our 4 season with our pool.We have had nothing but terrible service from our builder. Took us 3 seasons to get some stuff that they did wrong to make it right (nightmare). Anyways I'am trying to set up our SWG it is a hayward goldline automation. if...
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    Funny bags for stairs

    We had our pool closed by pro's last year and the left us 2 bags that they placed one in each stair well. what do these bags do excately ???
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    A newbie with a question go figure

    Ok so I finally got my test kit (TF-100) plus the magnetic stirrer very cool little gadget. I certainly do recommend it. Anyways here are my results PH-8.2 or more Chlorine over 5 FC-.45 CC no Calcium-200 TA-100 CYA-0 water is at 85 F What should I tackle first ????? Thanks in advance
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    The Boss said I could get a robtic cleaner

    Like I posted about 2 or 3 weeks ago the Boss said I could get a cleaner. Well I took the plunge :p pardon the pun. I bought a M4 from a brick & motor store, couldn't get a half decent deal on because of shipping,taxes etc etc. Put it in this am everything seems to being running fine. One small...
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    The Boss says I can buy a robotic cleaner

    So the Boss says I can buy a cleaner so do I go with the premier @ pool express or Z5 @ epic ??????????? What to do :eek::rolleyes:
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    Need Help Cleaning Liner

    Not sure if I'm in the right place ? If not someone will move it. Sorry and thanks at the same time:o We are trying to clean our vinyl liner it has some stain from the winter It's below the current water line anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of this ???? Thanks:(
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    How much salt is too much

    Good Day We have a T-9 cell w/Pro Logic P4 the pool place where I had my water tested today said that 3800 ppm was to much salt is this true I'm not sure can someone help please and thanks
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    Another Cleaner question by Newbie

    Good Morning Have been lurking for about a year now. Just had a pool installed late in the season last year (terrible terrible company that we delt with and still dealing with) anyways we have 2 Auquagenies for our skimmers . What would you experts recommend for a cleaner ? Any and all comments...
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    Replacement Led lights

    Hello everyone Newbie here. Great site, lots of very helpful information. Just had a new pool installed In ground, vinyl looks like a mountain lake 20x24x40 this is what we have for equipment Hayward super II pump 1.5 hp, auto Hayward pl-p4 cul,aqua sk-2 lights raypak r8350ti-e, filter is a...